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"Passing cloud, stream of water", the ephemeris of moments, things, and life like a passing cloud and a stream of flowing water.


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Face-to-face training resumed in Weston and Washington!
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More information at


Classes resumed. Please schedule a visit. +1 (954) 734-4586
1091 Shotgun Road
Sunrise, FL 33326
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Classes resumed. Please schedule a visit. +1 (202) 460-6686

(Zoom access from the Dojo)
Instructor: Takeshi Kamimura



If you are interested in enrolling as a student of Niten (virtual or in-person), please fill out the ONLINE FORM and follow the steps indicated. There is no registration fee. After submitting the form, we will contact you through whatsapp and guide you to complete the registration, which can be done ONLINE. MORE INFORMATION ON GETTING STARTED HERE


Monthly contribution that covers the general costs of the services and contents offered by the institute and gives access to online classes that include ZOOM with technical and philosophical content, as well as various online trainings by ZOOM on different days and times.
- -12 years: 30 US$
- 13-17 years: 40 US$
- 18 years and above: 50 US$
Note: Maintenance-Niten replaces the previous monthly fee, annual fee, and tuition fee to facilitate all students` access to online content and adapt the institute to each Dojo`s resumption for on-site training, according with local conditions.

Dojo Fee:

For your presential classes, beside the Niten-Maintance the student pays the local Dojo Fee:
Dojo MIAMI: 100 USD
Dojo WASHINGTON DC: 70 USD / First class is free


Beginners can train with T-shirt and sport pants (Judo pants, jogging pants, or similar).
The definitive uniform consists of the Institute´s custom Kimono and Hakama, and the basic practice swords are a standard bamboo shinai and a wooden bokken. Other equipment, such as combat armor (bogu) and additional weapons, can be acquired according to the progression of each student. For the combat armor, there is also the option of renting armor from the dojo. For details about equipment, uniform or rental availability, please ask the instructors of the Dojo.

Getting Started

Visit a training session:

All training sessions are open to interested observers. Please just schedule your visit thru our WhatsApp contact.

Experimental Classes:

If you are interested in participating, but not sure about enrolling, you can take part in experimental lessons for your first two visits. We will provide the necessary equipment, and you won’t have to worry about enrollment and equipment fees unless you decide to continue. The ideal outfit for beginners is a dark T-shirt and breathable workout pants.


Adults of all ages, men and women can train. There are no specific prerequisites nor the need to previously have physical training or experience in martial arts. The training brings technical, physical and interior progress to all ages and stages of life.


Children from 12 years old can participate in all training sessions.


Sessions are from 1 to 2 hours in length. Training sessions are made up of various parts, warm-up, basics of strokes and techniques, sequence training and combat. Combat training is usually divided up into groups of beginners, intermediates, and graduates, while at other times the more experienced may work with and guide the most novice. How frequently one should train depends on the potential of each student. With training just once a week, it will be easy to to see technical progress, physical and health-related benefits, and the assimilation of the principles and values of the Bushido philosophy. A lower frequency of training is still valid, and can provide results for students with less availability.


During any visit to the Dojo, try to stay until the end of the session and participate in the Golden Moments, when the training is complemented with elements of Japanese culture and Bushido samurai philosophy.

KIR Method:

KIR is a training method aimed at the physical, mental and emotional development of the student, giving little emphasis to competitiveness and discouraging the use of force. With this positive energy, the student feels confident to fully develop their potential.

What we train


The art of the samurai sword is still alive and can be practiced today, with the closest approximation of the experiences by which samurai lived for centuries. There are hundreds of stances and fighting techniques that are practiced during training sessions with the use of appropriate equipment for protection and safety.

Within Kenjutsu is practiced the Niten Ichi Ryu style, created by the samurai Miyamoto Musashi Sensei. The name of this style means “Two Skies as One,” alluding to the famous techniques of two swords, able to defeat the most skilled opponents with whom Musashi-Sensei crossed swords.
Welcome to the
Niten Institute
Florida Dojo

The practice in the USA started with the first Kenjutsu Combat workshop in North America, on February 6th 2017 with our Sensei Jorge Kishikawa.
Regular practices in Florida already began with weekly training classes at the Community Center in Weston-FL. Come and join us. Be Welcome.

Kenjutsu Combat, created by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, is when you apply ancient Kenjutsu techniques into combat with a modern armor (Bogu) and using bamboo swords (Shinai).
Regular classes are currently offered once a week, but make sure to check our schedule constantly for special guests, events or occasional cancelations.

Come discover the way of the sword!

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First training in DC - USA

por - 22-Jul-2021

I have found a suitable park to start the Dojo here and I had my first training there last Saturday in the morning.
Arigatou Gozaimashita!

Daniel Guzman

PS: Im on the process of incite my son into kenjutsu 😬"

Guzman training at the park

Guzman and his son training

Continues (complete post)

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Renato Dias Pereira - Betim-MGGood Luck ! Despite that the exercise will be a little bit hard that`s involve discipline, you should transform this activity the most funny for you son ! (Continues)

Family training!

por Niten - 26-Aug-2020

Our new colleague Saul, from the USA, has joined Niten through the Online Training - Kenjutsu At Home! His children are also excited, participating with a lot of energy!

Children training

Continues (complete post)

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Tobe Roberts - New Jersey That is awesome. Ganbatte! (Continues)

Luiz Otávio de Lima Rodrigues - LondresWow! Amazing! Gambatte! Keep training hard! I`m wishing hard to this whole situation end soon to allow us to practice in a dojo!


por Niten - 21-May-2020


por Niten - 30-Apr-2020


por NITEN - 24-Apr-2020

April 24 is the Samurai Day!
The birthday of our Sensei Jorge Kishikawa!
We celebrate and appreciate the full and complete dedication to spread the legacy of the samurai sword warrior tradition!
Omedetou Gozaimassu to all Samurai!
Otanjoubi Omedetou al Sensei Jorge Kishikawa!
Arigatou Gozaimashita Sensei, Sempais and Students of the Niten Institute !!

Safe harbour

por Niten - 16-Apr-2020

In these difficult times that we are going through we were able to have a training session and have contact with everyone from dojo. And even limited by messages it was possible to see that everyone is well and protecting themselves. It was truly fantastic!

Otavio training in home

Continues (complete post)


por - 07-Apr-2020

Frontline - Thomas

por Niten - 31-Mar-2020

Thomas is the instructor of Denver`s dojo. He is broadcasting the on-line english classes of Kenjutsu!

These classes are free for everyone, including absolute beginners! Follow our Instagram @niten.english !
For more informations, read all the content of Kenjutsu at Home.


Thomas, the instructor of Denver`s Dojo


por Niten - 20-Mar-2020

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Following WHO guidelines, the Niten Institute`s Dojos are temporarily closed.
But we know that training is the best way to strengthen our body and spirit!
Moderate intensity exercises have a beneficial effect on the immune system, decreasing the risk of infections! So let`s maintain a training routine!
Even from home.
Instituto Niten is preparing video lessons for students and those interested in continuing to strengthen their spirit and body in this moment of COVID-19 Don`t let the energy stand still!
In addition to the practical part of the training, we will continue to publish the Golden Moments of Sensei Jorge Kishikawa.
Let`s continue the search for spiritual and technical improvement!
A quest that overcomes the barriers of the Dojos and keeps us together on the Samurai`s Path!
Cultivating the values ​​of Bushido and applying it to our daily lives together we will overcome this war with Courage, Compassion, Honor and Energy together!
Welcome to your first class!

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Final de Ano 2019

por - 30-Jan-2020

Por todas as emoções que passamos juntos neste ano,
tenho a certeza de que ganhei 2019.
Feliz Ano Novo!!!

Por todas las emociones que passamos juntos este año,
tengo la certeza que vencí al 2019.
Feliz año nuevo!!!

For all the emotions that we went through together in this year,
I’m sure that 2019 was a year I won.
Happy New Year!!!

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
Dez 2019

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  • 17 jun - Sábado

    18º TBIK Primeiro Torneio Pós-pandemia - SÃO CAETANO DO SUL-SP

    18º TBIK - Primeiro Torneio Pós-pandemia em São Caetano do Sul - SP, dia 17
    de junho, o evento histórico que vai reunir praticantes de artes marciais
    japonesas de todo o país para competir nas modalidades de Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu,
    Jojutsu e Naginata.

    Link de pagamento: https://pag.ae/7ZmS6R1hH

  • 24 e 25 de Junho - Sábado e Domingo

    Gashuku em Brasília com Senpai Holschuh

    Para celebrar o 20º aniversário da Unidade Brasília, o Gashuku com Senpai Holschuh
    nos dias 24 e 25 de junho. Senpai Holschuh é um dos membros mais experientes e
    graduados do
    Niten, sendo atualmente responsável pelo aprimoramento dos alunos em Iaijutsu e
    Jojutsu em
    todas as unidades do Niten.

    Desconto até 16/05: https://pag.ae/7ZoEPZ1xN
    Após 16/05: https://pag.ae/7ZoEQS3S3

  • 30 set e 01 out - Sábado - 08h00


    No Encontro Niten 30 anos, compartilharemos uma experiência histórica,
    aprendendo uns com os outros e celebrando juntos o Caminho trilhado até
    aqui, enquanto cruzamos espadas num ambiente de união e alegria!

    Link para pagamento da inscrição: https://pag.ae/7Zo7c3hNH

Graduates Miami

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