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V Torneio Brasileiro por Equipes de Kobudo, em Santos (out/2006)

Our History

The Niten Cultural Institute was created im 1993 by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa to promote the ancient teachings of the Samurai Sword arts, the Bushido philosophy and the Japanese culture.

Today, the Institute is considered one of the biggest centers of traditional Samurai arts outside Japan. More than 10.000 people were at one point students in Niten Institute. With more than 60 dojo (places of practice) in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguai, Colombia, Portugal, England, Canada and the United States, the Institute fulfills its mission estabilished by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa im its creation:
"To search the secret of the invencibility
and to bring the sword that gives life,
in plenty."

The Samurai Temple
The practice consists in learning the techniques (katas), some more than 700 years old, and apply them in combat (jitsugi).
It is a travel through time.
This trainning, allied with Sensei`s philosophical orientation, makes possible for the student to change him/herself from the simple citzen to the "warrior", improving one`s quality of life.

In this part of the website, you get to know more about our philosophy, tipes of trainning, who were/are the Samurai, about our Sensei Jorge Kishikawa and our methodology:


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