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Training with Senpai Wenzel in Colorado

por Thomas - US/Denver - 12-Apr-2018

Superior Dojo was excited to host Senpai Wenzel Bohm, head administrator of the Niten Institute and recipient of the rank of Menkyo in Niten Ichi Ryu.

During the training, Senpai Wenzel challenged our dojo with activities that changed how we think about the sword, and demonstrated a level of technique we can only achieve with true dedication.

Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita to Senpai Wenzel for an amazing visit!

Trained Mind, Body and Spirit

por Caleb - US/Denver - 12-Apr-2018

Senpai Thomas had spoken a lot about Senpai Wenzel weeks before his visit. After listening to what Senpai Thomas had said, I built an image of how Senpai Wenzel would be. However, I was quite surprised when I first saw Senpai Wenzel. Senpai Wenzel did not fit my mental image yet further observation revealed that he was indeed a true swordsman. The way he carried himself was the first sign of a trained mind, body, and spirit.


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Training with Senpai Wenzel - Remain True and Humble

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 23-Mar-2018

I am very grateful to Senpai Wenzel for taking the time to visit us and although short I feel we have learned so much with his visit. It is always a joy to welcome any of our Senpais and I continue to be amazed at their knowledge and wisdom. Senpai Wenzel´s visit had a very interesting energy, he was very relaxed and brought this energy into our practive. Senpai Wenzel showed us how there was no need to be tense all the time, he wielded his shinai with no effort.

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Morning Keiko with Senpai Wenzel

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 22-Mar-2018

Warmest way to close the winter in Florida! Morning keiko

Training with Senpai Wenzel - the aura of those that came before us

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 20-Mar-2018


My Name is Juan Borrero, I’m one of the members from the Niten Miami Unit/Squad. It is always a time of excitement to hear that Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, or one of our Sempai are coming to visit. The whole unit gets into this mode of training that it is difficult to represent into words. I simply summarize this as being within the aura of those that came before us.


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Niten´s Weston Kenjutsu Group!

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 17-Mar-2018


por Niten - Internacional - 31-Jan-2018

Golden Moments - Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
The Bushido philosophy applied in our daily life.

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Have a good start to 2018 !

por Niten - Internacional - 29-Dec-2017

Weston Dojo Bonnenkai

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 27-Dec-2017

Celebrating our first year in Weston!

Pan-Americano EUA- Light and Happy

por Café com o Sensei - US/ - 21-Nov-2017

"Our first days in Miami in preparation for the Pan American Encounter was beyond my expectations. The Brazilian, Argentinian and American teams commingled very well and supported one another during the whole time.

After the preparations came the training. Heavy training followed by shiais in which even the newcomers and beginners had a chance to fight and feel the adrenaline pumping was an unforgettable experience to watch Sensei practicing in Miami.
I think that we are going in the right direction and that Niten has a bright future in the US.
Our bodies may be tired but our souls are light and happy...." Barreto - São Paulo


"Nossos primeiros dias em Miami em preparação para Encontro Pan-Americano ultrapassaram minhas expectativas.
Os grupos Brasileiros, Argentinos e Americanos se entrosaram muito bem e apoiaram uns aos outros durante todo o tempo.
Após os preparativos veio o treino. Treino pesado seguido por Shiais (Lutas) em que até os visitantes e iniciantes tiveram a oportunidade de lutar e sentir a adrenalida pulsando, foi uma experiência inesquecível assistir ao Sensei praticar em Miami.
Acredito que estamos indo na direção certa e que o Niten tem um futuro brilhante nos Estados Unidos.
Nossos corpos podem estar cansados mas nossos espíritos estão leves e felizes..." Barreto - São Paulo

Manhã histórica em Miami: Chegamos.

A Casa cheia no Suburi a todo vapor!

Pintando Manet no Colorado


Samurais em Denver

Denver Banzai!

Samurais no far west


A Arte Samurai chega em Miami!

Happy End!

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