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Workshop with Kenzo Senpai in Weston FL

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 02-Sep-2017

Sunday August 20th Workshop by Senpai Kenzo in our Weston dojo.

A lot of new techniques and secrets were revealed and Senpai Kenzo did Keiko (1 on 1 practice) with every participant.
In the end, everyone was exausted but happy, with the sentiment of gratitude and the certanty that a big step foward was taken.

Arigatou gozaimashita Senpai!
Gambatte Niten Miami/Weston!

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Training with Senpai Kenzo in Miami/Weston Dojo

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 01-Sep-2017

Saturday August 19th we had the presence of Senpai Kenzo in our Miami/WESTON dojo!

Senpai Kenzo introduced us to new exercices and techniques and also corrected others that we were already practicing. It was a great experience that made us push ourselves further and also opened our eyes for new possibilities.
Thank you Sensei Jorge Kishikawa for this opportunity and thank you Senpai Kenzo for the visit.

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Niten Ichi Ryu in Orlando

por Kenzo - US/Orlando - 26-Aug-2017

Hélio Kenzo and Marcos Fugulin

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por Kenzo - US/Orlando - 16-Aug-2017

Workshop with instructor Kenzo Dino

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