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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- The Tree of the World Championship

por Cavalheiro - RS/ - 25-Oct-2018

Konbanwa Youroshiku Onegaishimasu Sensei, Shitsureishimasu,

I owed an explanation to Sensei about the meaning behind the tree I gave as an Orei.

Last year, I made my first shugyo and took 1000 tsurus to Sensei as an Orei. I made it thinking about the hope of Peace to every one of Niten, the peace that we achieve in training, in advancing on the path and facing the challenges of everyday life. There were 1000 tsurus for the wish to perform and it was multi-colored because we, as students, we have multiple colors, multiple origins and yet unique.

Soon after, I thought of the idea of the tree with foliage of tsurus, and although at first, it was something artistic, better presented, from one year to this it was making more and more sense.

The tree is an idea that was planted, a seed that was growing and to break the soil it began to grow humbly, and of course, had to face external factors to develop strong and firm to stay on the ground until it was full of life through its flowers. But these flowers did not come from the tree but instead, landed on the tree. And every tsuru who landed in this tree, fuller, fuller and more alive, remained.

The students of Niten are the tsurus of this idea, the flowers that make the tree a tree and, based on the Sensei`s speech, are the people who made the dream a reality.

Sensei can check, the tsurus are not perfect, they are not the same, some are clustered, others are aligned, and that is because we are not perfect, but together we form something so beautiful that it can be considered perfect.

And the fruits: the fruit of this tree is when the tsuru flies from it, and at that moment the idea goes with it, growing more other trees in new places.

Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita to Sensei and [Mika] Sensei for being warriors to make a dream come true and being a model to all of us who make up this dream.

Sayounara Arigatou Gozaimashita,
Cavalheiro - Porto Alegre-RS

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Mundial - Wonderful Days

por Toshi - SP/São Paulo SU - 25-Oct-2018

Shitsurei Shimasu,

Konnichiwa Sensei,

Such wonderful days!
Today it seems that the sun was brighter, that people were more beautiful, that life is much better! My sense of time has changed, it was so intense, I have the feeling that the party lasted almost a month. The screams of the crowd still echo in my head, the image of the little table was branded in my heart.
The environment created by Senpai Wenzel was perfect to give the atmosphere of celebration, this congregation was formed from the colors of the flag, I saw Brazilians, Argentines, Mexicans, Portuguese, Chileans, and Americans talking as if they were old friends, true brothers of the Sword!

Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for opening the path where many passes and many will pass! I had the opportunity to talk to Mika Sensei and how she thrilled and inspired me!
Having the opportunity to assist in assembling and documenting gave me another perspective of the party, I had contact with different people and reconnect the links. I learned a little of the history of each one of them, and I saw the impact of Sensei and Niten on their lives, they are all very grateful for the existence of Sensei and your work. Sensei has the strength to change destinies!

The victory of Senpai Gilberto gave me the joy of knowing that we trained with the best senpais in the whole world! The girls from Argentina motivated me to train more too! And they were the more excited crowd ever!

Domo Arigatou gozaimashita for allowing me to help and participate a little in this unforgettable party.

Long live Niten!

Arigatou Gozaimashita,

Shitsurei Shimasu,
Toshi - Sumaré-SP

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Mundial - Dias maravilhosos

por Toshi - SP/São Paulo SU - 25-Oct-2018

Shitsurei Shimasu,

Konnichiwa Sensei,

Que dias maravilhosos!
Hoje parece que o Sol estava mais brilhante, que as pessoas eram mais bonitas, que a vida é muito melhor! A minha noção de tempo se alterou, foi tão intenso, que tenho a sensação de que a festa durou um mês. Os gritos da torcida ecoam na minha cabeça, a imagem da mesinha foi gravada no meu coração.
O ambiente que Senpai Wenzel criou foi perfeito para dar a atmosfera de comemoração, a egrégora se formou a partir das cores das bandeiras e eu vi brasileiros, argentinos, mexicanos, portugueses, chilenos e americanos conversando como se fossem velhos companheiros, verdadeiros Irmãos de Espada!

Arigatou Gozaimashita Sensei, por abrir esse caminho aonde muitos passam e muitos passarão! Tive a oportunidade de conversar com Mika Sensei e como ela me emociona e inspira!
Ter a oportunidade de ajudar na montagem e documentar me deu outra perspectiva da festa, tive contato com pessoas diferentes e reconectar os elos. Soube um pouco da história de cada um deles e vi o impacto do Sensei e do Niten na vida de todas elas, todas são muito gratas pela existência do Sensei e de seu trabalho. Sensei tem a força de mudar destinos!

A vitória do Senpai Gilberto me deu a alegria de saber que treinamos com os melhores Senpais do mundo! As meninas da Argentina me motivaram para treinar mais também! E foi a torcida mais animada!

Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita por me permitir ajudar e participar um pouco nessa festa inesquecível.

Vida longa ao Niten!

Arigatou Gozaimashita,

Shitsurei Shimasu,
Toshi - Unidade Sumaré-SP

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Mundial - Humility, Passion, Spirit and Hospitality

por Juan Borrero - US/ - 25-Oct-2018

Shitsurei Shimassu,

A slight verbiage change was made based on Takeshi Senpai`s recommendation.

Niten 1st World Kenjutsu Tournament and 25th Anniversary

Humility, Passion, Spirit, and Hospitality

The weekend of October 19 – 21 of 2018 will be one of the most memorable weekends in my life to date. It was with great effort, that I was fortunate enough, to find the solutions that allowed me to travel to Sao Paulo, and not only participate in the tournament, but learn from the source that is Sensei Jorge Kishikawa and all the Senpai’s and Kohai’s that were present. I travelled without goals, without expectations, I wanted to live in the presence of the energy (ki) of Sensei and all the Senpai’s and Kohais from across Brazil and the World.


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