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Miami Dojo´s 1st anniversary

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 28-May-2018


I wanted to take a moment to bring to you all, some very special moments I have lived over the last few weeks.

First the Samurai Day, which marks a very meaningful day for all of us traveling the same Bushido Way. A way that has transformed myself and many others following Sensei Jorge Kishikawa´s steps.

Second our Miami Dojo´s 1st anniversary with the official practices. Despite of our very short existence, a wonderful one year endeavor, crossing swords and lives, which you may not have perceived, but has pushed each one of us to a better self. I´m happy we could celebrate this one year awarding Juan Borrero as the Guardian of the Samurai Tradition in Weston.

Last, my last encounter with Sensei. It wasn´t supposed to happen. I was going to travel to Santiago, but for some whim of the destiny, I had a chance to stop in São Paulo. Frankly I was very embarrassed cause the time was so short and I was unable to join the practice. But I went to the Hokkaido Dojo anyways, just to pay my respect to Sensei. It was an Iaijutsu class so I wanted to be very low profile to prevent disturbing the class. Sensei spot me at the door and I promptly greeted Sensei. Sensei asked me about the family, the colleagues, the job while keeping an eye on the students. I was really disturbing Sensei´s attention, so I was ready to leave when all of the sudden, Sensei blows the whistle!

I was like : "Let me step aside, Sensei needs to provide instructions". But to my surprise Sensei announces. "Let´s have a break. Takeshi is here. Everyone can come and greet and talk to him". I had a chance to talk to all my Sempais and colleagues. Sensei introduced me to new colleagues and we took a picture. It was really a very emotional moment.

Takeshi Kamimura,
Instructor of Dojo Niten Miami

Special reunion with Sensei and Colleagues

Juan Borrero receives the Guardian of the Samurai Tradition Certificate

Our Niten/Miami anniversary

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