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por Niten - US/Miami - 21-Sep-2017

the original samurai sword combat technique

For his second Workshop in the USA, Sensei Jorge Kishikawa will be accompanied by several graduates, and will introduce the whole syllabus of Niten Institute"s practice of Kenjutsu: the varied ancient techniques and their application in free sparring, the philosophy and the tradition that fascinates his more than 1000 students on different continents.

In teaching the samurai sword arts for more than 40 years, Sensei Jorge Kishikawa has brought together techniques from innumerable samurai styles and modernized their application to combat training. Among many technical achievements, Sensei Jorge Kisihkawa earned the highest rank in the Niten Ichi Ryu style (founded by Miyamoto Musashi during the first half of the 17th century) from grand master Gosho Motoharu.

The combination of his outstanding technical skills, with the philosophy and knowledge gained through 50 years of close interaction with Japanese masters generated a unique practice experience that has been passed to his students in the Niten Institute since 1993, and is now also available in the US at the first dojos in Florida and Colorado.

You are welcome to join us in this Workshop for a strong introduction to Kenjutsu Combat!

Kenjutsu is the name given to the techniques developed by renowned samurai, which are still practiced in Japan in the form of katas (pre-defined movements that simulate combat using a wooden sword).

Kendo is the sport created by simplifying Kenjutsu techniques into 4 basic strokes and one kamae (posture/stance), using a modern Bogu (armor) and Shinai (bamboo sword).

Kenjutsu Combat, created by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, is the application of ancient Kenjutsu techniques in combat with modern Bogu and Shinai, making sparring training possible, without the limits of Kendo. This allows for the use of other weapons, such as Kodachi (shortsword), two swords, and Naginata (Japanese pole-arm).

Date: Sunday - October, 8th, 2017
Hour: 2 pm - 4 pm EST

1647 Bonaventure Blvd
Weston, FLORIDA 33326

Registration: 15 minutes before start
Charge: 50 USD
*Same location of regular classes at Saturdays
More Information:

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
- Born in Brazil, son of Japanese immigrants, Sensei Jorge Kishikawa started training Kendo at the age of 5;
- First Brazilian to achive the 7th Dan Kiyoshi in Kendo, after examination by a board of Japanese Sensei;
- Won 15 Brazilian Kendo Championships before the age of 35, when he ceased to take part in tournaments, and was twice 2nd place in World Kendo Championships;
- In his career made more than 70 shugyo (special intensive training) in Japan to learn more about Kendo and Kenjutsu from highest Japanese masters, and continues to do so;
- Menkyo Kaiden (highest graduation and considered to know all the secrets of the techniques) in more than one Kenjutsu School, including Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, one of the most famous of the classical Kenjutsu Schools and founded by Miyamoto Musashi, considered by many the strongest Samurai of all time;
- Other Kenjutsu Schools that Sensei Jorge Kishikawa has mastered and is authorized to teach include:
* Katori Shinto Ryu
* Suio Ryu
* Shindo Muso Ryu
* Kasumi Shinto Ryu
* Sekiguchi Ryu
- Some of these Schools not only have sword techniques but also other weapons that Sensei Jorge Kishikawa has also mastered, some of which he has also adapted to combat with Bogu, such as:
* Kodachi (Small sword)
* Nito (Two Swords together)
* Naguinata jutsu (halberd)
* Yari (Spear)
* Kusari-gama jutsu(a scythe or sickle with a chain attached and a iron weight at other end)
* Jo jutsu (fighting techniques with a staff)
* Bo jutsu (fighting techniques with a long Staff)
* Tanjo jutsu (fighting techniques with a cane)
* Jitte jutsu (a pronged steel truncheon used to disarm enemies with swords)
* Iai jutsu (sword drawing techniques)
* Tameshigiri/Battou jutsu (cutting techniques)
- Jorge Kishikawa Sensei is also a Medical Physician and served in the Brazilian Army as a Doctor.

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