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Golden Moments

Samurai philosophy and wisdom for everyday life at the end of each training session

As important as technical training, or more, because they are meant to change perspective.
At the end of each training, the students gather around Sensei or the Senpai responsible for training, to hear teachings about samurai culture and Japanese philosophy. Concepts such as Discipline, Self-Control, Concentration, and Stress Control are approached from a samurai point of view and students learn how to use the teachings of the sword in their day to day lives.

Bunbu Ryodo

An ancient samurai teaching, "Bunbu-ryodo", is followed seriously at the Niten Institute. Whatever art you choose in the Way, do not make the grave mistake of many: study, study, study ... only in books, in the mind, but without practice. Samurai arts are like a two-wheeled cart, where one must necessarily train with the PEN, the theory, and the other, as well as the SWORD, the physical practice.


Golden Moments - HALF AN INCH

Kendo-Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu e Jojutsu.
The Bushido philosophy applied in our daily life.

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