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Training in Wimbledon 2

por Otavio - UK/London - 05-Oct-2018

Senpai, what I can say about the training… when I think on this Saturday training (29th of November 2018) I see a movie o my last 2 years in my mind.
Everything began when I got the opportunity to work in Europe, more precisely in the north of Portugal. This was a moment of joy. But one thing always was in my mind:
And about Niten? And the training?
In the beginning, I was going to settle in a city about 3 hours by train from Lisbon, the nearest Dojo. So was utterly possible to go there a couple of time each month to do the training. And besides, that Sensei already was said to me to open a dojo in the north of Portugal. I was just needing to find a way to conciliate my work travels with the dojo routine.
But life comes once more and change everything. Now I was heading to London UK. I already was living for about 10 months in Portugal and should move again. And again I was with the same questions in my mind:
And about Niten? And the training?
This time I already knew the answer. I should open one Niten unit in London. However, because I travel too much to work was hard finding a way to conciliate everything. But then, suddenly, browsing into Niten website I just notice the UK flag.
The UK? In Niten website?!?! How!! I just got into the UK page, and then I saw the Wimbledon Dojo, here in London!
I was in chock! I stayed there, for a couple of minutes, just staring the webpage, re-reading again and again. Suddenly the chock become euphoria! It was Friday, and on the next day, I would be able to do my first training in more than a year!
I sent several messages, by phone, email and I tried to call too! So, after a short time I received a text from Tais (unit coordinator), saying me the local and hour of the training, not yet in the dojo, but a regular Kenjutsu training in one London park.

After more than a year I was getting the opportunity to wear the kimono again, and listen to the command in Japanese to begin the training! Narabe and mokusso. Only who do training for several years can understand this effect, to me is like disconnect my mind from the outside world, after the commands, there is just the dojo, us inside it and the training.
We practised kenjutsu for about 2 hours. Everyone got the opportunities to train the techniques of their own graduation, we had kihons (basic strikes training) and Keiko (practice fight between practitioners) at the end. My body quickly remembered the movements and the mechanics of the training, but my mind was in extasis, I was feeling like a shoshinsha (newbie) in his first weeks of training, I was in extasy with kenjutsu training! I got back to my home different, physically tired, but feeling renewed. In one word, happy.

This week I was travelling to work and noticed changes in my behaviour with my tasks. I`m feeling more focused, calm, it seems like I’m doing everything better. Again I was feeling a balance between mind and body.
I’m pleased and thankful to have all this again, even being near 9500 Km away from the dojo where everything started, and from the dojo where I was training. Niten is growing worldwide, now is bringing to the UK the message of the sword that gives life.
To finish, I just need to say:
Domo arigato (thank you) Senpai Alessandro and Tais, for being faithful to our way, the bushido and the vows
Domo arigato gozaimashita (my deepest thank you) Sensei, by Niten, for having created the institute to transmit us all the samurai values
London - UK

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