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Historical Moment USA

por Niten - US/ - 22-Feb-2017


Message from Sensei Jorge Kishikawa to the participants of the 1st Kenjutsu Combat Workshop in the USA, Feb 2017, Miami:

Historical Moment

This defines in a few words our encounter: the 1st Niten Institute Workshop in the United States of America.

It's been a pleasure to meet all of you, that with determination and will, have demonstrated your warrior "tamashii" (soul) that day.

Our Master, Musashi Sensei is certainly very pleased. Despite of being known for almost 2 centuries in America, this is the 1st time his teachings have been officially transmitted, in a pure and genuine way.

Next month, when I get to Japan, upon lighting up the incense at his grave, I'll carry a picture from everyone of you.

The Niten Cultural Institute, on its turn, is honored. Bringing the art of being unbeatable thru the Kenjutsu Combat to the people who has fought so much to be respected is rewarding.

As for me, I'm proud. This has been the first time I taught a class in English. It's been a tough "shiai" (combat), but I believe I won.

Practice firmly, cause we are going to re-encounter, to hold other "Historical Moments".

Arigatou to all.

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa


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