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Shinhagakure - Videos

Digital content of SHIN HAGAKURE book

Niten Institute videos

Niten Cultural Institute was created in 1993 by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
to spread the millennial teachings of the Samurai sword arts, Bushido philosophy, and Japanese culture.

All the dynamism and versatility of Kenjutsu captured by the camera lens. The video shows the various technical applications of Kenjutsu in the fight with protective equipment, including two sword fighting, short sword fighting, blows supporting the back of the sword with the left hand and more.
Technical specification: Edition and Capture: Renato Kendi Yoriyasu

Jojutsu exercises body and mind. It provides great calorie expenditure with low impact. Jojutsu develops the combat spirit, sharpens the perception, improves the motor skills and maintains the good shape.
The samurais have transformed this seemingly simple object into one of the most complete weapons of their repertoire. Jojutsu is known as "The Art of Peace". Nowadays, Jojutsu, the art of fighting with Jô is widely practiced, bringing health, good shape and the warrior disposition for people of all ages.
Technical specification: Direction, Capture, and edition: Renato Kendi Yoriyasu

KIR Junior
KIR Junior is the Niten category for children up to 12 years old.
We have training for children available in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Porto Alegre and Florianópolis.
"The goal of KIR Junior is to encourage children to be confident, cheerful and transparent." It is not only about discipline, it is to have children integrated, happy and active" Sensei Jorge Kishikawa
Technical specification: Capture and edition: Renato Kendi


Iaijutsu is the art of winning even before unsheathing the sword. It transcends the struggle and reaches a state of art, a path to perfection to be trodden by all who seek self-knowledge and balance.
Edition and Capture: Renato Kendi Yoriyasu

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa

Images of a training with Sensei at the Niten Institute
Capture and edition: Renato Kendi

Messages from the Masters of Japan

Excerpts from the messages sent by the Masters of Japan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Niten Cultural Institute


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