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Being part of Niten

por Niten - EG/Cairo - 19-Apr-2020

"Ohayougozaimasu senpai
Here is some thought about being part of Niten.
I will be very happy if you can convey to sensei.

I didn’t know the reason behind being transferred to Brasil to work in the Egyptian embassy, took me some times untill I realized that the study of martial arts and especially the passion of the samurai art was behind all this.

One night I decided to explore the art of Kenjutsu to fulfill my passion towards the katana and the samurai art.

And not knowingly that where I am going to train my experimental was in Hokkaido with the presence of sensei Jorge Kishikawa the founder of institute Niten and the teaching of KIR method spreading the knowledge of Musashi sensei and graduating a generation of modern samurais that keep the flame of the the samurais and the katana yet the Nito alive.

Well today I was honored reviving a new warrior name from sensei as coordinator of unity Egito “ Medjay Samurai written " メジャイ侍 ". A pharaonic tribe of warriors that served as elite paramilitary warriors guarding especially areas of pharaonic interest like capital cities and the borders of Egypt.

And just today I understood the reason why I was selected to live in Brasil , learn Portuguese is to pursue the passion of learning, the art of Kenjutsu, the art of Musashi sensei,
being a part of Niten family in a journey of continues learning under sensei Jorge Kishikawa, senpai Wenzel.

Yasser Hegazy "

Yasser, the coordinator of Cairo`s unity on training in Egypt and t

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