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Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    I Already Know!


    One for all and all for one!

    "Ohayou Gozaimassu Sensei, 
    Today I was thinking about what Niten is for me, in my life. It is been 2 years since Niten found me and I just have to say thank you.
    I remember the experimental class. The attention not only of the coordinators but of all the students in the dojo. The zeal, the preparation, every moment is recorded in me from that first contact with the path of the sword.
    My journey during these 2 years has been long. I went through many life changes (personal and professional) and the support of the dojo was essential for every obstacle and decision. During those two years of training, I lost about 20 kg and it was a great personal victory.
    I try to go further with each training session, take another step and today I can say that it was worth every drop of sweat that I left behind with the support of my training partners.
    The feeling is one of victory and renewal as I walk every step of the way, and without a doubt, I still have a long way to go.
    Domo arigatou gozaimashitá!
    Bianca - Ribeirão Preto`s Dojo




    Message from the Student Juan Borrero from Miami about Sensei`s visit.

    "Shitsurei Shimassu Sensei
    I hope I found you well this evening. Below is my best attempt at putting into short words the five things I learned during your visit.
    As I reflected on the training my most recurring memory was speed, so I used it as an acronym to describe the 5 things I learned.
    S is for Speed, as I grow in my learning with Niten I gain speed in strikes with the shinai. This is something all must think and practice upon. Having said that, I noticed that even when Sensei “slows down” his striking speed when teaching and training students and Senpai’s it is still blazingly fast.
    P is for Precision, as we gain speed we must also practice the precision of our strikes. Together they form one unit. A demonstration of this was done with all Kohai’s with Sensei wielding the Kusarigama. Precision must be practiced, but do not ignore speed, they go hand in hand.
    E is for energy, I must train to balance my energy, use it when required, and expend it when necessary. I don’t want to confuse this with Kiai, I refer to physical energy, that which we use to perform a task. In Niten we spend loads of energy, I must learn to spend it efficiently.
    E is for Environmental Awareness, we practiced with many partner changes (Ipo Miggi), our focus was on our sparring partners. Our practice location had a window to the outside. Sometime during the practice Sensei slowed the training due to something happening from the outside, I was not aware of it, but Sensei was. We must be aware of all our surroundings, inside and outside. Fu Sui Un Bun comes to mind, here.
    D is for determination, as our bodies grew tired, we never stopped to continue the practice. I had to stop for a spell and catch my breath, but I was determined to continue. Sensei was determined to travel, train, and impart his knowledge. I was determined to practice, listen, and learn. As we grow through Niten, we must have the determination to extinguish the weeds that eat at our core values. Always Forward!
    Thank you for your teachings Sensei, the explicit and the subtle.
    Sayounara, Arigatou Gouzaimashita"
    Juan Borrero - Miami

    Glad to see Juan thought deeply about it
    He had a perception that others do not have. This is fantastic!
    Juan, don`t be afraid to start a new dojo.
    Life will be more intense



    Newspaper Nippak 24/11/2019

    Around 25 people, including parents and young people from Hayabusa-Kai (Youth Department) of the Niten Institute, were on November 24 at the Associação Comunitária Pequeno Príncipe, in the neighbourhood of Parelheiros (south zone of São Paulo), to feel what is “compassion in practice”. “Within Niten, various activities are developed that are not limited to training with the sword. We also learned integration and cultural activities that bring values and virtues from the samurai, compassion is one of them ”, explains Akio Assakawa, president of Hayabusa, a group created about 7 years ago and which currently has about 20 members only in the Units of the capital of São Paulo.

    “These actions are also a way of making young people not just complain, but that it is necessary to act for changes to happen,” says Yoshimitsu Kishikawa, eldest son of sensei Jorge Kishikawa, founder of Niten Institute.

    Located on a site on the outskirts of São Paulo, about 30 kilometres from the centre of the capital, the Pequeno Príncipe Community Association was born with the aim of serving the needy children of the Jardim dos Álamos community.

    Bushido - "In addition to being in an extremely dangerous place, the association`s facilities are in need of renovations and that`s why we decided to help by doing a joint effort to revitalize the space", says Yoshimitsu, explaining that the group stayed at the place from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm and during this period repair and cleaning services were carried out.

    “It was good to renew the energies of the group and to reflect. It is a skill that, in addition to practising compassion, makes Hayabusa members grow and become better people ”, says Akio, anticipating that the group is already planning to return to the site, this time to take Bushido to the approximately 100 children assisted by the NGO.

    In my youth, I filled my Sundays in search of medals and belt exams almost weekly. I won many and I have to thank everyone who supported me.
    With Niten 27 years ago, I exchanged my dreams: giving the life-giving sword.
    And don`t you think it`s easier not to. On the contrary, it requires courage, honour, wisdom and, above all, something I didn`t need at that time: compassion.
    Yesterday, only I, in this case, the winner, left happy. Today, we are all winners: wherever Niten goes, the world is happy.
    Compassionate young people, come and join our clan!


    GASHUKU - My Japan is here

    "Konnichiwa, yoroshiku onegai shimasu mina san.Shitsurei shimasu.

    Going to São Paulo brings great energies and memories.
    Opportunities to prove yourself in the world and walk in it.
    My Japan is São Paulo.
    Fighting in Gashuku with several colleagues, each one in his own moment brought opportunities to perform kamaes exercising different distances and approaches respecting my physical, mental and spiritual conditioning but always wanting more, wanting to move forward.
    The move to the 4th kyu (Graduation) was a surprise as unexpected as it was happy, as learning new kamaes and taking on new responsibilities in the dojo brings endless possibilities for growth and collaboration with Niten and in life.
    I am deeply grateful to Sensei, all Senpais and other colleagues for this trajectory in the Path and in life that are currently confused and can no longer be separated from each other.
    Domo arigatou gozaimashita .
    Sayounará!"  Mara - Dojo Porto Alegre

    Those who have already had the opportunity to go to Japan, know that even there they will not be able to find such diversity of samurai culture in one place.
    I invite everyone who aspires to the samurai culture to take a bus or plane and come to São Paulo to take great energy and memories!


    63rd Paulista Award - Senpai Cristina

    Nowadays it is rare for anyone to continue an activity for more than 2 years.
    Here we have an example of perseverance, resilience
    Cristina continued Samurai´s path, being wife and mother for 20 years
    I imagine that all this trajectory was not easy.

    With perseverance she goes to the dojos bringing the samurai tradition to many students, with his sympathy and joy teaches about tradition, Kenjutsu and what is essential for many years in the many dojos she coordinated, also takes Hannah, her youngest daughter, and accompanies your husband Wenzel.
    This is the way for the family to be happy.
    When the family finds out what is essential it will be a happy family.
    Omedetou Cristina


    In a simple but meaningful ceremony for the Nikkei community, the São Paulo City Council received, on the 9th August, the Award Ceremony of the 63rd Paulista Sports Award. The event aims to honour athletes and leaders who contributed and continue to contribute to the development of sport in the country.

    This year the award in the KOBUDÔ category honoured Senpai Cristina, Niten Coordinator in Rio de Janeiro.

    Article published yesterday Jul 15 in Nippak Journal
    Click to enlarge

    Translation of Senpai Cristina´s words: "What I think is wonderful is that I am a female practitioner in a super masculine environment. I was very honoured to be representing women, who are still few in our area and I hope open doors for other practitioners."
    "I´ve always enjoyed sports and always wanted to practice a martial art, so when I found the Niten Institute and started doing Kenjutsu I fell in love."

    Deputy Consul General of Japan Mr. Akira Kusunoki and Sensei Jorge Kishikawa.

    Sensei Jorge Kishikawa with Mr.Hasegawa, Kendo Honore.
    Sensei was the advisor of the honoree.

    After the ceremonial, the traditional Erdinger with the Sensei.


    Gashuku: Diamond

    Climbing the mountain and finding Diamonds is a blessing from the Gods.
    Wise will be the one who has opted for this alternative.
    Settled will be the one who insists on staying on the floor.


    "To be able to climb the mountain and to be with my master and to hear his words, to observe the techniques and to be taught directly is priceless. 
    Even with such a special Diamond Moment as it was, I had the privilege of discovering secrets about Musashi Sensei that I had no idea.
    I will definitely reread Go Rin No Sho with another perspective. 
    I just have to be very grateful to Musashi Sensei for being a great samurai and putting so many people in the path of Bushido and also to Sensei for continuing to propagate what is most essential in life."

    Perazzini (Dojo Brasília)

    Brasilia unit at Gashuku - Perazzini in the centre, next to Jorge Kishikawa Sensei

    Read more about "Climbing the Mountain" in SHIN HAGAKURE Vol. 1 - Pages 44 and 45
    Sensei Jorge Kishikawa´s Book 


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