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16º TBEK - KENJUTSU COMBAT - Tsuka Tsuki

Meloni X Melo
Graduated´s Shiai in the 16º Brazilian Tournament by Kobudô Teams


Leaving 2017 with lots of Kiai!

Saturday, 30rd December 2017
Last training of the year at Vila Mariana Dojo, Nikkyoji Temple, Sao Paulo!

The Niten"s collaboration in the traditional New Year"s Moti! The Motitsuki!


Como la luna en el agua

Like the moon in the water

This Gashuku at the end of the year began with a get-together Keiko with kohais and Senpais from Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and Mexico. It was fast but intense fighting with lots of Kiai that allowed us to test the techniques we had been practicing with the people we usually fight. In my case, it was a challenge to apply the kamaes from the 3rd kyu for the first time, and try to develop an effective strategy to employ them since I wasn"t accustomed fighting with them. Within this situation, I saw myself training with Sensei with the Waki gamae. Fighting with Sensei is always a pleasure. I remember that, in several other keikos we"ve done in other gashukus, I felt that Sensei flowed as the water, an impetuous flow which is impossible to contain or a smooth stream of water that goes through the rocks, hard to catch.
This time, in this gashuku I felt that Sensei was the reflection of the moon in the water. You see him in front of you and feel that he"s reachable, but it"s not like that. You try to move to reach him, to hit a strike, but he disappears and ...surprise! He reappears somewhere else, striking with a perfect blow. At the first time I was stunned, I didn"t realize what happened, nor how Sensei hit me, or where it was, he was still in front of me, smiling. The second and the third time also. I guess that the last time I saw Sensei "disappear" in front of me was to strike a men to my right. Within seconds, the whistle sounded and I thanked Sensei with a big smile while still trying to understand how he had "disappeared". Maybe it was me who winked? There is only one way to find out, to fight again with Sensei.
Another gashuku, another day of intensive training, learning and unforgettable moments. Especially Suio Ryu"s training with Sensei, it"s been a long time since I laughed that much. I still have a long way to go.
Domo arigato gozaimashita Sensei for having returned to Buenos Aires to train with us!
Domo arigato gozaimashita Sensei! Domo arigato gozaimashita Sensei! Domo arigato gozaimashita Sensei!
Daiana Recoleta Dojo – Buenos Aires, Argentina


100 Golden Moments in only one conversation

The taste of good wine and conversation remained in my taste and in my mind. It is a privilege to be able to be part of the Niten and have opportunities like today to have a chronicle of Sekigahara"s battle and jokes of the participation of several samurais from one and the other army and to see how each of their ways shared similar Bushido values and service to his master.
Each of them within their circumstances went until the end by the dream and the conviction and devotion they had for their masters and Shoguns, values to be imitated by all of us who are samurais of the Niten.
Everything said by Sensei made it possible to transport me to that time.
A hundred Golden Moments were spent in just one conversation !!!
Reported by those who really understand the Way, the Sword, the Strategy, the Bushido ...
I always recommend to every person who practices in Niten to come to São Paulo for the conviviality with the master to have an accurate evolution. Only then you can have an opportunity like today I had!
Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei for the time and dedication. - Andrés (Coordinator Colombia dojo)

100 Moments in One: rare opportunity for the Coordinators from Portugal and Colombia



César X Meloni
Shiai de Graduados in the 16º Brazilian Tournament by Teams of Kobudô


Shugyo with Sensei: Focus

"Sensei asked me to be more energetic with the other women and this is disturbing me in some ways. I am afraid of being too energetic for not discouraging other women, but at the same time, the way I am acting can be rather a form of segregation. The ideal, as in everything in life, is the middle ground, but finding this point is harder than I thought.
After the training, we returned to the ADM where I received a somewhat unusual mission from Sensei: to cut the hair. It is not required of women to have short hair for the Shugyo (spiritual retreat with Sensei), it is only required to keep it tied. I"ve never had a problem with haircuts, I actually have fun doing it, my problem has always been to do something in my hair in order (or opinion) of someone else. And here"s a problem of mine that was never challenged after my pre-adolescence. Although I did not even hesitate to say, "Hai!" (Yes, sir!), I confess that while the hairdresser did her work, I felt very strange, not really sure what I was feeling.
Until I came back to ADM, take a shower and just need to settle my hair on the next day, I realized that Sensei only freed me from another distraction.
The rest of the day was dedicated to the organization of my days, belongings and accommodation." Thais Boeira - Niten Porto Alegre

If you do not know what you want, do not look for me
You must be ready to "die," if you come to the Shugyo


At the end of the day, happiness

"Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu!

I went to Shugyo (spiritual retreat with Sensei) thinking that I would understand the way of the Sword, that I would understand how the Institute works ... there I learned something that I would never have imagined learning in an intense routine of tasks and training.

On the first day, the senpais told me to "not be flustered when I received an order" and early in the first meetings with Sensei, he told me to smile more. I took a "men" in my spirit after receiving these teachings, which will help me a lot in my daily life, especially now that I will enter the internship, at which stage I"ll need a good communication and a good patient-doctor relationship.

The everyday routine of waking up very early, performing many tasks throughout the day makes us realize how accommodated we are and how we waste so much time on useless things and fail to do the important tasks of our home, to interact and to be careful for those with whom we care. In addition, I realized that even having an extremely exhausting day, not only is it possible to have a lot of energy for an intense workout as it is possible to keep this energy until the end.

There is no way to totally translate into words how it is or what happens during the Shugyo, but in trying to do so, I had a bit of nostalgia for everything that has happened, even the most tiresome and unpleasant tasks, since I noticed how was given the evolution and learning, mainly because for being close to Sensei, who with few words and glances, realizes who we are, and what we need to improve, not only on the Way but to be happier. This happens only in Niten, a way in which focus is not the technique nor to be better than anyone, but a way in which those around you want you to be a better and happier person through the katas and ways we learn in everyday life.

Although sad to leave, I go home very grateful and very happy, with experiences that marked me deeply; for the understanding of the way and of my person, with a sense of duty fulfilled, but still with so much to learn and understand in order to be much better for the next time I return ...

Domo Arigatou Gozaimashitá to Sensei for allowing us this experience.
Domo Arigatou Gozaimashitá to Senpais who helped me so much during the Shugyo.
Domo Arigatou Gozaimashitá to all those who gave me the conditions so I could do a shugyo.

Sayounará Arigatou Gozaimashitá!" - Müller (Porto Alegre unit)


Pan-Americano USA 2 - Dream Big

"... Last days - "Without a dream, a strong will and perseverance no objective is achieved".
This was the lesson he learned from the old masters. And this is exactly what brought us here. Sensei"s dream of creating a unique institute that would not only teach the ancient martial art of sword but also the Samurai culture, tradition and other values that had been long forgotten, even in Japan.

Teaching fine art for elevated spirits...
Niten is here to stay. And grow !" - Barreto (São Paulo)

Going out for adrenaline

I"ll mess with you!

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Here is the power of the future!

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