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    GASHUKU - My Japan is here

    "Konnichiwa, yoroshiku onegai shimasu mina san.Shitsurei shimasu.

    Going to São Paulo brings great energies and memories.
    Opportunities to prove yourself in the world and walk in it.
    My Japan is São Paulo.
    Fighting in Gashuku with several colleagues, each one in his own moment brought opportunities to perform kamaes exercising different distances and approaches respecting my physical, mental and spiritual conditioning but always wanting more, wanting to move forward.
    The move to the 4th kyu (Graduation) was a surprise as unexpected as it was happy, as learning new kamaes and taking on new responsibilities in the dojo brings endless possibilities for growth and collaboration with Niten and in life.
    I am deeply grateful to Sensei, all Senpais and other colleagues for this trajectory in the Path and in life that are currently confused and can no longer be separated from each other.
    Domo arigatou gozaimashita .
    Sayounará!"  Mara - Dojo Porto Alegre

    Those who have already had the opportunity to go to Japan, know that even there they will not be able to find such diversity of samurai culture in one place.
    I invite everyone who aspires to the samurai culture to take a bus or plane and come to São Paulo to take great energy and memories!


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