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    Teaching to be Samurai

    I wrote in ShinHagakure vol.1, that does not matter if you are the youngest, least experienced, and even if you do not have a degree.
    The diploma is not the most important. The diploma everybody has.
    You`ve got to have something different, and this you will only get if you stoned this something different. It is a little diamond that will make the difference between you and all your opponents.

    For this, you will have to go through a process, an authentic and powerful process.
    A process will change your life.
    For this we are here, waiting for you.


    Yesterday I started my new job! In my area, in a good American company, here in São Paulo.
    I wanted to thank Sensei, Senpai Wenzel, and Niten, because I am sure they were, together with my parents, those who provided most to this achievement.
    I wanted to share a conversation I had with my new manager:
    My new boss called me into his office yesterday, on my first day, to talk. He said:
    - You are less experienced, have less technical knowledge than the two other candidates that we evaluated for your position, but in the behavioral part, in your attitude, you won.
    And he added: it is easier to enable/train the technical part of someone, but it is tough to teach the professional attitude, the respect, the balanced way of being, the character.
    What I understood was: we were able to teach the work, the tasks, but we could not prepare to be Samurai.
    Kokokara, arigatou gozaimashitá!" 


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