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Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    Samurai Day

    Audio transcript sent by Sensei:
    "I received these two cards on the occasion of my birthday, April 24th - Samurai Day, when I turned 26 years old, it is good to be loved by the young, these two students are descendants of Japanese, young and with a lot of potentials.
    I want to be a companion to all these young people until I am 108 years old and live this life intensely.
    Life is definitely fun.



    "Sensei, thank you for always sharing your experience and wisdom with us, whether if it´s from Kenjutsu or life. I wish you all the best in your life and lots of success, always"

    Masako, 17 y/o


    "Shitsurei Shimasu Sensei,

    I remember once that I was getting a ride with Sensei and talking to Yoshi Senpai on the return of a Gashuku in Pinhal, going to lunch on that Sunday. Senpai was telling me something about Sensei`s behavior was similar to water, which is able to fill every space it covers, occupying the most diverse forms but maintaining its volume. At the time, I found this a funny comparison, but only later I realized how much sense it makes. As Sensei says, life is war, and it presents problems that come in many different forms, which force us to find a way, like water, or find the best solutions and use the best postures.

    On this April 24th, I would like to congratulate Sensei for your birthday and for achieving this victory, in face of all difficulties and with honor to be a Samurai of 1000 faces; for being at the same time consistency and fluidity.

    Tanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu, Sensei, for another year living intensely, for another year being a Master and a golden person. Doumo Arigatou Gozaimashita for the teachings that transform; for showing us that happiness is not given but found and conquered; by the struggle of the Sensei to perpetuate the Samurai culture; for making us better people, for pulling our ears and showing us the path of honor and courage.

    Omedetou Sensei! Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!"

    Shitsurei Shimasu,
    Paraiso Dojo,

    Cyndy, 17 y/o


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