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    Memories of the Vitoretti Family

    Happy is the child who knows what he wants.
    Unfortunately, this situation does not always happen for some reasons:
    - Because he does not know what he wants
    - because there is no one who can offer what he wants
    - because parents do not agree (or do not understand) what he wants
    Here we have a situation where we can overcome all situations and it is worth not only to share, but to take it as an example, if we aspire, of course, happiness and the healthy growth of our children:

    "Once Upon a time...

    A 5-year-old boy, who discovered a trail that led to a path, and even knowing that this path would be difficult, hard and long, decided, with the help and support of his family, to travel through it.

    It was October of 2015, and thanks to a promotional banner announcing NITEN, we discovered the "Bushido".
    As the boy always was delighted with the sword, his fascination with samurai art was immediate, and even knowing that a warrior only receives combat training from the age of 12 (at that dojo, at that time), he decided to sit and wait, observing all his "senpais" that developed their techniques there and for a few weeks, in fact, almost two months, he simply contemplated.

    However, his persistence in attending the training was observed by the coordinators, and a first chance was given.
    And everything began to change and to happen because he already knew that determination would lead him to achieve his goals despite his young age. And so, it was like this, that our family lives today in this way, in Bushido, in the way of the warrior. Following the teachings of Kishikawa Sensei.

    "Life does not begin when we reach the top, it´s the path we choose to live that leads us there."

    I had to write this tale in the third person so as not to get too emotional, even though it was almost impossible!
    I am Barbosa - Cristiane, mother of Arthur, the boy of the story, and although only three years separate us from the beginning of all this, I can say that the first steps along the way were wide and that every moment we see how intense it is to live in it, through him.

    Arthur today is 8 years old, was the first student of Niten in KIR JOVEM, that today already works at full steam in our unit. Serving children from 6 to 12 years.
    Twice a week, he feels motivated, being useful to the dojo, to the Senpai and to Sensei. Applying his loyalty, honor, and compassion, he is an example and "monitor" of all the children who come to us, and this fills us with admiration and happiness. Our lives are impacted constantly and every day, with each training, we are sure that having given our little "bushi" the opportunity to show us the way was the best choice.
    Nothing I write or say will describe how happy and grateful we are to have such incredible support in the education and upbringing of our children (yes, children, we also have Gomes - Maria Fernanda, age 11. But I will tell you soon in another story), where we all practice daily the virtues of a Samurai, and this inevitably leads us to many successes and achievements. Be it in school, socializing, or even family.
    Discipline, respect, commitment, organization, self-knowledge are just some of the qualities we can acquire as we go along this path. And our children already earn all this in the dojo, for the example of the senpais and coordinators is an clear fact of this great opportunity.

    Domo Arigato Gozaimashita"

    Barbosa - Campo Grande Unit

    Arthur´s Self Portrait


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