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    Niten 25 Years Expanding Kobudô - Bringing the Teachings of Miyamoto Musashi to Brazil 1

    (article of the newspaper Nikkey 04/19/18)

    In Matéria em Japonês it is written that Sensei played in the Brazilian national team from 1985 until 1991, but the corrreto is 


    ¨I disenchant myself for Kendo¨

    ¨Niten Ichi Ryu," founded by the enlightened Miyamoto Musashi.

    It is this style that Mr. Jorge Kishikawa (54 y/o, nissei) has the Menkyo Kaiden graduation. He is also the founder of the Niten Cultural Institute (from now on Niten) which completes the splendid 25th anniversary.
    *Nissei - the second generation born in Brazil from Japanese parents.

    There are approximately 1,200 disciples from eight countries in more than 70 branches in the Americas and Europe, focused and training hard every day.

    Mr. Kishikawa points out that "more important than winning championships is to be happy in our lives."

    What is the reason for him who has been a champion consecutive times and very experienced in the world of bujitsu have come to this conclusion?

    Also, why are his many students, who are Westerners in the vast majority, are glimpsed by Niten? It is in search of these answers that we have been exploring.

    It was night during the week. Iaijutsu classes took place in a hall in the Vila Mariana region. Iaijutsu is the samurai technique of unsheathing with ability and speed to beat your opponent.

    The students were concentrated under the white kimono, and navy blue hakama were sheathing an Iaito sword to the waist. One could hear explosive shouts of "Yah !," "Yay!" Echoing around the room giving the place an air of much inspiration and determination.

    One of the students began the movement in Seiza´s position. The moment his knee raised and his left foot went forward; the cut ended with power. His sword stopped immediately at the moment that to the sound of "Zup!!!" cut in the horizontal height to the ground.

    When I, reporter, arrived, I noticed that Mr. Kishikawa austerely monitored every step and movement of his students. As I had previously informed that I would visit, I asked one of his students to notify him of my arrival.

    The student referred to Mr. Kishikawa of "Kishikawa Sensei" and performs the traditional protocol accurately. Everything shows that they practice protocol strictly on a day-to-day basis. Mr. Kishikawa nods to the reporter and shows himself smiling at me.

    Mr. Kishikawa started kendo at age 7. Day after day, he raised his technical level, and at age 14 he won the 3rd place in the individual and team squad at the 2nd World Youth Championship held at Budokan Gymnasium in Tokyo. From 1982 to 1991, he a starting player of the Brazilian team in the World Tournaments held every three years.

    "Built" Niten in the year he graduated in medicine from UNIFESP in parallel to his entry into the labor market.

    In 1998, he made the unprecedented accomplishment of being the first Brazilian approved to the 7th dan Kyoshi by a bench of Japanese examiners. It was soon after that he retired from the world of kendo.

    When asking why he chose Kobudo, Mr. Kishikawa was accurate:

    - "I disenchant myself for Kendo."

    "In kendo, only one form of combat is practiced. In the Kobudo, there are dozens of forms and all of them originating in old and traditional schools. My purpose called me to fight in every form that was possible. I wanted freedom", he added.

    The only thing is that in Japan the practice of Kobudo is restricted to only performing katas. It led Mr. Kishikawa to elaborate and adapt the techniques of the old schools for "Kenjutsu combat" and thus transmit them in the Niten.

    "It´s impossible to get emotional just by performing the techniques (katas). True charm occurs when the technique works in combat."

    Upon hearing these words, I saw in the appearance of Mr. Kishikawa, a truly delighted young man. - (Reporter Rikuto Yamagata)

    Photo: "Sr Kishikawa teaching Iaijutsu - Niten´s archive."


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