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Coffee with Sensei

Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    It would have been much more convenient for us to hold the Kenjutu World Championship just in the top category. Only black belts. 
    But for being a moment of fraternization, celebration and union, we have decided to include all categories. The whole Niten family. 
    With this, the time has tightened, and it was left to the organizers to juggle that in no other sporting federation I have ever seen perform.
    I persuaded the Miami coordinator to come with his son, even if he missed classes. He hesitated, he thought but decided to come.
    They came, fought and marked the American presence.
    Anyway, they left happy, and that`s what matters.
    The Kenjutsu World Championship was not merely a World Tournament. It was an opportunity to fraternize warriors from around the world united by the same emotion: to learn that we have no time to lose.
    Just like the United States, everyone took the best trophy!
    See the best trophy:

    Kombanwa Sensei, Shitsurei Shimasu!

    We are already back to Miami and usual activities. The fatigue hit harder when we arrived in the morning, but we are definitely clean-hearted and with a refreshed soul.

    Reviewing old colleagues, meeting new ones, receiving so many wishes for success in our mission here in the United States and especially the warm welcome to our students taking care to identify them so that all who spoke English could help in the translations made us feel very welcomed. We all leave renewed and with the feeling of belonging that will not be forgotten.

    We arrived at 7 for a delay in the flight. Kevin went straight to school and has not rested (now it`s 9 p.m).

    Personally, for us (me and Kevin) it was a great thrill to meet Sensei again, and Sensei Mika, the boys and everyone who encouraged us to follow. Kevin is delighted!

    It was a unique opportunity to spend these days with Kevin talking in a way that our routine does not allow. I thank Sensei for changing the agenda for the participation of children and young ones.

    It was long conversations about family, friends, budo and the life that I hope will be remembered for him. They will be marked for me also.

    During the World Championship there was no time to lose, so I did not enjoy the obento during the day, so I decided to have dinner quickly before embarking on one of the airport restaurants. It was around the table with Kevin that I received my World Championship trophy. He said we need to travel more together.
    God willing, let`s climb Mount Fuji!

    Once more, Sensei. Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita" 
    - Takeshi/Miami.


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