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    1st World Kenjutsu Championship - The Dream of a big dream

    Ricardo Lopes (Coordinator of Niten Brasília), Sensei Jorge Kishikawa and Alexandre Amorim (Student of Niten Manaus)

    Ohayou gozaimasu!! Shitsurei Shimasu!

    More than a year ago, we heard from Sensei that we would have a world championship. Subsequently, the Championship was transferred to 2018, ... in the same year that NITEN Institute would celebrate 25 years !! What a bombshell!

    The waiting lasted for so long ... the anxiety was increasing ... and an intense preparation! Samurais from all corners of the country and several countries of the world began their training to participate in the 1st World Championship of Kenjutsu !! The rigorous selection of those chosen to attend the historic event was enormous.

    And finally, the big day arrived! Samurai gathered in a Dojo carefully prepared in every detail ... its colors, shapes, flags, flowers, speeches allowed to unite, in the best mode, the fighting spirit, the sensitivity and the lightness of the soul, fellowship and brotherhood around a common goal! Omedetou gozaimassu to EVERYBODY who directly and indirectly contributed to making a dream come true!

    Every combat, every move, every defense, every precise strike ... Definitely, the samurai spirit lives and is present in all NITEN´s students. Happy are those who could feel the feel of the World Dojo in the air! "The sword that gives life!"

    Thanks to the current technology and the insight of our Senpais, many NITEN members were able to follow online what was happening on the big screen, the keys and the results. Thank you also for the wonderful photos posted on the site and the filming of the speeches made at the event. It helped a lot to communicate the "essence" of the moment to those who could not participate.

    Many authorities and many friends of NITEN attended the event and honored the NITEN Institute and our Sensei Jorge Kishikawa. I also had the pleasure, the happiness, the pride and the honor of meeting Sensei Yoshiaki and Sensei Mitiko.

    It was for sure an incredible and exciting weekend. Sensei´s words eternalized and marked in our hearts! The story of how it all began 25 years ago, the dream, the challenges, the resistance of the unbelievers, the humiliation, the strength, the courage, the faith, the historical table, the first students, the units... Living this Moment was incredible and unforgettable!

    Being able to walk the ´Warrior´s Path´, the Japanese philosophy and the samurai virtues along with Senpai Pinheiro and my friends Lins and Lauro, traveling more than 4 thousand kilometers, from Manaus to Sao Paulo, was very gratifying and edifying. And when we return we can share all this emotion with our friends from the NITEN Unit from Manaus.

    Thanks for my Senpais, who welcomed me in Sao Paulo! Meeting them again was incredible! The new friendships that emerged at the event were memorable. To the Senpais who had trained us in Manaus, Senpai Silva, and Senpai Costa, omedetou for the victories and the spectacular combats. Omedetou Senpai Wenzel for the excellent organization of the event. Omedetou to Senpai Gilberto and Senpai Paula, the best samurais in the world !!! Arigatou gozaimassu to all the Senpais of ADM (Niten administration), Senpai Maryanna and Senpai Midori who always help us in the possible doubts occurred.

    Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for your perseverance, courage, and faith believing in us, non-Easterners, we would be worthy to receive the Japanese philosophy and culture, we would be able to rescue the traditions of the samurai, to learn the millennial principles of samurai and to follow the hard way of the warrior - the Bushido.

    “A Dream of a Great Dream!”

    Amorim, Alexandre - Manaus Unit


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