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    There´s no way to explain the unexplainable

    Queiroz came from Rondônia, invited by the PIONEIROS NITEN Project to train in Sao Paulo with Sensei Jorge Kishikawa.
    *Rondônia - far north Brazilian State
    *Pioneiros - Pioneers

    It´s delightful, after 25 years of founding Niten, that my teachings reached one of the most distant lands in Brazil.
    It´s possible that you, like our colleague, believe that you are living, but in reality, the days just pass by. You will only be sure when you meet Niten.

    "There is no way to explain the inexplicable.

    2 days of training, and I´m feeling like I´m living now for real.

    I was very aggressive, I didn´t think of my words, I hurt many people for not thinking before speaking, lack of discipline, and especially ... Honor. I wasn´t being loyal to people who love me, I wasn´t having wisdom, and all that, in those 2 classes I had, I saw how important this is, and how much we need it.

    Every time I was training and shouting loudly, "Mennnn," "Doooo," every time I shouted fully, I felt that something as a negative energy left from my being, my mind, my heart. The handling form, the way the Samurais deal with each other is unexplainable, a very b form. It awakens our attention to simple things, not with the mind, but with the heart. Respect, delicacy, compassion, there is a very great balance and there is certainly something spiritual in the Dojos, hovering over all the Samurai.

    I was, and I am still bewildered, surprised and trying to understand what is happening. But I am sure that when I return to my state [Rondônia], I will not return as the same person, I no longer feel as the same.
    To know Sensei in person, to know all of you who helped me from the beginning, who guided me, to know the other Samurais, is doing me very, very well, and I will enjoy a lot of the training I still have, and I will come back, to return for sure, to be loyal to my Senpais, Sensei, the Niten Institute, the Samurai code.

    So thank you so much for everything! "

    Queiroz - Pioneer of Rondônia, 2 days after arriving in Sao Paulo

    "Ohayou Gozaimasu Senpai.
    It´s ... what can I say about an unexplainable experience.

    I came from the state of Rondônia, to meet the Niten Institute, to learn about the Path, and what I find is something that is beyond the swords, is something beyond the struggles, what I find is something spiritual, what I find is a life philosophy.

    Today I wonder, how, how can a culture be so b and change a human being in such a powerful way? There are somethings that are and will always be unexplainable.

    All my life, I thought I was living, but today, I saw that I was not living at all, but rather letting the days go by. Now after I met Niten, after I met Sensei, the Senpais, after I knew the art, the Path of the Samurai, now I´m living every minute of my life, observing the little things, the simplest, the smallest, is something very powerful. What is behind the sword is something tremendous, discipline, respect, compassion, this is the path of the Samurai, this is the true Way.

    I´m grateful to Sensei, and Senpais who made every effort to teach me, a Niten Pioneer, all the lessons, all the techniques and above all, a different way of life.

    Today I feel with a light heart, I feel with a calm mind; disturbed once but now, peaceful. Today, finally, I am living life as it should be, so I thank everyone who helped me and who accompanied me.

    Arigatou Gozaimashita"

    Queiroz - Pioneer from Rondônia, after returning home after 2 weeks in Sao Paulo


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