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    Niten 25 years old - Commander of the Military Police of the State of Sao Paulo

    On this Friday, August 10, Sensei Jorge Kisihikawa, with a delegation from Niten, proudly and honorably visited the General Commander of the Military Police of the State of Sao Paulo, Colonel Marcelo Viera Salles, for a private audience. The invitation of the meeting was brokered by Mr. Massaki Shimada, of the Sao Paulo State Heritage Council and former president of CEAGESP. This event has a special character since it´s part of the celebrations of the 25 years of Niten and 110 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil.

    At first, Sensei Jorge Kishikawa told Commander Salles that Niten practices various non-lethal intervention modalities used in Japan by police forces, such as Jojutsu (wooden bat art), Goshinjutsu (samurai self- defense), and Jitte. He then specified the expressive interaction of the Niten Institute in training and workshops with various federal agencies and with the Military Police itself.
    In that sense, a Niten´s student, Lieutenant Colonel Amorim, who heads the CIGS (Warfare Training Center in the Jungle) in the Amazon, mentioned the various soldiers practicing at the Niten.

    Military Police Commander, Colonel Salles, emphasized that training in martial arts promotes discernment and action in a conflict situation in the field.
    He also expressed interest in the expansion of courses of the Military Police with Niten and therefore, are already being scheduled for the next month presentations of training and samurai weapons for officers of the Barro Branco´s Military Police Academy.

    Sensei Kishikawa then presented Colonel Salles with a Jitte, the traditional Japanese police weapon, and on that occasion, the Colonel was very interested and honored by the invitation received for the 25th-anniversary celebrations of the Niten Institute and the First World Tournament of Kenjutsu, the biggest samurai fight of recent times, in October. Colonel Salles promptly confirmed his presence and his staff, which will give the institution great pride.

    Then the delegation was invited for a walk in the beautiful Japanese hidden garden that exists at the entrance of the Military Command. The garden, built by the appointment of the first nissei* of the Military Police from Sao Paulo´s State, Colonel Reizo Nishi, attracted the attention of everyone for the beauty and delicacy of its composition. It symbolizes the presence and assimilation of Japanese culture in our country. The details of the garden, like the rocks properly laid out in order, the greater one flanked by the smaller ones, representing the General Commander and his Major State, are of great pride for the Military Police.
    *nissei - 2nd generation from Japanese immigrants.

    To conclude this honorable visit, Colonel Salles presented Sensei Jorge Kishikawa with a significant and beautiful commemorative plaque where it is proven that both institutions, Niten and the Military Police, have a noble purpose in common, that is, to develop military art in balance with the culture and samurai´s.


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