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    Climbing the Mountain

    ¨There was a boy, for whom no one gave anything. No gleam in the eyes, empty and weak in every way..
    One beautiful day, this boy decided to climb the Mountain. An isolated place where the Master lived.
    After a few springs, the boy went down to the Mountain.
    He was different. With a sharp look and warrior posture, the transformation was remarkable.
    -Wow! What happened to him? He´s very different! "-everyone noticed in the village.
    They asked him what kind of training the Master had given him.
    What had made the dull boy into a wise warrior was no training, no special secret.
    It had been just the simple acquaintance with the Master.¨- Shin Hagakure, Thoughts of a Modern Samurai Vol.1

    This is what happens, in other words, when one climbs the Mountain:


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