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    GASHUKU SHIAI - Battles

    At the end of Gashuku, I received the email from this student, to which I replied:
    "Your father is happy to see you on the right Path ..."

    "Konbawá Sensei,

    Shitsurei shimasu. At the moment that I said "Hai" to participate in Cooper Cotia"s Gashuku, I had the feeling that it would be a special weekend.

    Acting as my own business owner in the last 3 years, I have valued every opportunity to increase my Ki. And the Gashuku is a privileged moment!

    Building a brand of my own, winning customers, delivering high-quality jobs, persevering despite the adversities of the country"s economic situation are a reality for which we are prepared to face in the Dojo. The strategy we learned: move forward with Courage!

    I had the privilege to follow for 20 years my father"s struggle on this "battlefield" to develop his own business. His action was always guided by Honesty, Loyalty and Courage, values that we practice in NITEN.

    This June 16, he would have completed 72 years, if his fight had not ceased in 2015.

    Achieving, therefore, the 5th Kyu of Iaijutsu on this date had a special meaning. It"s as if I"m receiving a blessing from my father, recognizing that I"m on the right track. Or better, on the Path of the Sword.

    Domo arigatô gozaimashitá, Sensei!

    Sayounará," Martins

    Martins in the Gashuku of Kenjutsu - This Weekend in Cotia (São Paulo)


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