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    Shin Hagakure in Spanish - Book launch

    On April 25th at 7p.m. in Bueno Aires (Argentina), at the Borges Cultural Center in the Williams Audience Hall was released the Spanish version of "Shinhagakure - Thoughts of a Modern Samurai."
    The book in its Spanish version was edited in Argentina by Niten Cultural Institute itself, there are two volumes where Sensei Jorge Kishikawa shaped his experiences of more than 40 years of training with the Sword and interaction with Traditional Masters of Japan. Shinhagakure (meaning "new Hagakure" and it"s a reference to Yamamoto Tsunetomo"s famous book) carries the Combat energy from the Samurais and proposes itself like a compass that helps the reader to orient himself to face and overcome the problems of life, both professional and personal.

    It was a gala event to receive Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, author of the book, who transmitted to all the participants his excitement by this new possibility of spreading his message in its whole shape to everyone who speaks Spanish. His kindness and warmth conquered everyone at the ceremony, and they didn"t stop asking for photos and autographs in his books.

    I should mention the significant presence of the Japanese community in Argentina, such as Sensei Gustavo Aoki (Master of Tea Ceremony of the Urasenki School), Sergio Kaneshima (President of the Nichia Gakuin Japanese School Committee) and Venerable Sempo Oshiro (Buddhist Monk of Soto Zen Buddhism School from Japan) that brightened the day with his presence and words. Also present were representatives of Argentine clubs and government entities, such as Mr. Gustavo Angelucci (GEBA) and Dr. Mariano Javier Ortega (Lomas de Zamora´s Health Ministry).

    The words of Argentina´s General Coordinator, Joel Correa da Silva, vibrated with recognition to Sensei by the greatness realized when writing the Shinhagakure. During the event, there were also moments of emotion when Mariano Díaz Barbosa, writer, and student of the Institute, read to the participants some chosen pieces of Sensei"s work.

    We believe that from this moment the Shinhagakure will be an essential and accessible reading for all the people of the Spanish language who seek to develop values such as Courage, Compassion, Loyalty and that strive day to day to reach their potential.


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