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    16 TBIK 4 - KENJUTSU Finals

    Finalists of the Graduated Category

    Instructor Gilberto received the Champion of the Day Award, Trip to the United States and Mexico!

    Gilberto Vs. Marques - Tsuki (Lunge in the neck)

    Marques Vs. Adeval

    Marques Vs. Gilberto

    Silva Vs. Gilberto

    Pedro Irii Vs. Marques

    Holschuh (Campinas)

    Gilberto Vs. Danilo

    Silva Vs. Massao

    Pedro Irii Vs. Estevão

    Silva Vs. Massao - Graduated´s Shiai in the 16º TBIK
    Tsuka Tsuki (Lunge on the opponent"s neck with the sword shaft)


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