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    62nd Paulista Award 2 - Nippak Newspaper

    Published in Nippak Newspaper on April 12nd, 2018

    For the seventh consecutive year, the City Council of Sao Paulo was the stage of the Paulista Sports Award, in its 62nd edition this year. The ceremony - one of the most popular in recent years - was held on the 4th of July in the main hall of the main Legislative House of the country. It was attended by Yasushi Noguchi, the Consul General of Japan in Sao Paulo; also the councilor Aurélio Nomura (PSDB); the president of the Kunito Miyasaka Foundation, Roberto Nishio; Yoshiharu Kikuchi, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 110 Years Celebration of Japanese Immigration to Brazil; and state representative Pedro Kaká, and the "always representative" Hatiro Shimomoto

    From Argentina
    Kobudo has given "international" status on the Paulista Sports Award with the honored Maria Flavia Saieva, one of the first students of kenjutsu, iaijutsu, and jojutsu of Argentina´s dojo of Niten Institute. An Argentine student with the highest grade of kenjutsu by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa - founder of Niten and idealizer of the Method (KIR) - Ken Intensive Recuperation - Marina was the first woman in Argentina to receive the Shoden graduation from Niten Ichi Ryu style. "I found in Kobudo a way to wake me up spiritually. Everything I learn I apply on a daily basis, how to be more resourceful and work as a team," says Marina.


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