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    62nd Paulista Award 1 - Saieva, from Argentina

    Marina Saieva receives the 62nd Paulista Sports Award in the Kobudô category!

    "I am very grateful to receive the Paulista Award,
    especially to all the people who were my Senpais, who trained me, who had a lot of patience and who made it possible for this to happen.
    When I started, it seemed to me something impossible.
    I started looking at each Sempai as a Superman,
    Something impossible,
    And well, step by step you can get there.

    Arigatou Gozaimashita!"

    Saieva - Buenos Aires

    Sensei and Japan´s Consul General in Sao Paulo, Yasushi Noguchi

    Sensei with General Akira Obara and his wife.

    Sensei with Mr. Hatiro Shimomoto

    Mallet Golf Kudo couple

    Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, Marina Saieva, Founder of Nippak Newspaper - Dr. Raul Takaki and Sempai Wenzel

    Roger Niero (Coordinator of Santo André Dojo), Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, Marina Saieva, Wenzel Böhm (General Coordinator of the Niten Institute) and Eduardo Huarte (Coordinator of Buenos Aires)


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