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    Winning the Shiai

    Ohayou Gozaimassu Sensei!

    Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita Sensei for Niten and the Golden Moments!

    I graduated in Medicine, and I was a resident doctor in General Surgery. Soon after, I started working in emergency room shifts almost every day of the week. Financially, this was necessary to my family and me. But over time, something started bothering me, and a lot. I realized that just working as I was doing no longer brought me so much joy and satisfaction. I felt stuck in a routine, which if I did not do something about it, would grow old lifeless, without an expectation of future growth. And I knew how to change that: to start a new residency, to make a new specialization to increase my options and to grow in my profession. But I lacked the focus and energy to change that situation.

    That"s where Sensei and the Golden Moments were fundamental!

    In late August, early September, in the Golden Moments, Sensei told us the story of a samurai who started very low in the hierarchy, but who knew what he wanted, he had a goal: he wanted to grow! And he did it, just because he had a goal! And at the end of the Golden Moments, Sensei concluded: "To grow, to evolve on the Path, you need a goal! Otherwise, you will not grow, you"ll stand still where you are!"

    And that phrase was the "cold water bath," the "Men Ippon" I needed! That phrase kept "knocking" in my mind for days and days until I made the decision that would change the course of that route to which I imprisoned myself. This Golden Moment happened very close to the registrations for the residency tests, and the decision I made was to enroll and enter this "Shiai" to win!
    For that, I would need to study and to study, I would need to regain focus and energy. And to get the focus and energy I needed, I trained, and I trained a lot! I trained almost every day of the week!

    And the result: I won the "Shiai"! I was approved for the residency in one of the most competitive specializations, in the most required hospital!

    Once more, Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita to Sensei for Niten and the Golden Moments!


    Verzine (Ana Rosa Dojo - São Paulo)

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