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    100 Golden Moments in only one conversation

    The taste of good wine and conversation remained in my taste and in my mind. It is a privilege to be able to be part of the Niten and have opportunities like today to have a chronicle of Sekigahara"s battle and jokes of the participation of several samurais from one and the other army and to see how each of their ways shared similar Bushido values and service to his master.
    Each of them within their circumstances went until the end by the dream and the conviction and devotion they had for their masters and Shoguns, values to be imitated by all of us who are samurais of the Niten.
    Everything said by Sensei made it possible to transport me to that time.
    A hundred Golden Moments were spent in just one conversation !!!
    Reported by those who really understand the Way, the Sword, the Strategy, the Bushido ...
    I always recommend to every person who practices in Niten to come to São Paulo for the conviviality with the master to have an accurate evolution. Only then you can have an opportunity like today I had!
    Arigatou gozaimashita Sensei for the time and dedication. - Andrés (Coordinator Colombia dojo)

    100 Moments in One: rare opportunity for the Coordinators from Portugal and Colombia


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