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    At the end of the day, happiness

    "Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu!

    I went to Shugyo (spiritual retreat with Sensei) thinking that I would understand the way of the Sword, that I would understand how the Institute works ... there I learned something that I would never have imagined learning in an intense routine of tasks and training.

    On the first day, the senpais told me to "not be flustered when I received an order" and early in the first meetings with Sensei, he told me to smile more. I took a "men" in my spirit after receiving these teachings, which will help me a lot in my daily life, especially now that I will enter the internship, at which stage I"ll need a good communication and a good patient-doctor relationship.

    The everyday routine of waking up very early, performing many tasks throughout the day makes us realize how accommodated we are and how we waste so much time on useless things and fail to do the important tasks of our home, to interact and to be careful for those with whom we care. In addition, I realized that even having an extremely exhausting day, not only is it possible to have a lot of energy for an intense workout as it is possible to keep this energy until the end.

    There is no way to totally translate into words how it is or what happens during the Shugyo, but in trying to do so, I had a bit of nostalgia for everything that has happened, even the most tiresome and unpleasant tasks, since I noticed how was given the evolution and learning, mainly because for being close to Sensei, who with few words and glances, realizes who we are, and what we need to improve, not only on the Way but to be happier. This happens only in Niten, a way in which focus is not the technique nor to be better than anyone, but a way in which those around you want you to be a better and happier person through the katas and ways we learn in everyday life.

    Although sad to leave, I go home very grateful and very happy, with experiences that marked me deeply; for the understanding of the way and of my person, with a sense of duty fulfilled, but still with so much to learn and understand in order to be much better for the next time I return ...

    Domo Arigatou Gozaimashitá to Sensei for allowing us this experience.
    Domo Arigatou Gozaimashitá to Senpais who helped me so much during the Shugyo.
    Domo Arigatou Gozaimashitá to all those who gave me the conditions so I could do a shugyo.

    Sayounará Arigatou Gozaimashitá!" - Müller (Porto Alegre unit)


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