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    Pan-Americano USA 2 - Dream Big

    "... Last days - "Without a dream, a strong will and perseverance no objective is achieved".
    This was the lesson he learned from the old masters. And this is exactly what brought us here. Sensei"s dream of creating a unique institute that would not only teach the ancient martial art of sword but also the Samurai culture, tradition and other values that had been long forgotten, even in Japan.

    Teaching fine art for elevated spirits...
    Niten is here to stay. And grow !" - Barreto (São Paulo)

    Going out for adrenaline

    I"ll mess with you!

    Crew of the Galaxies

    Here is the power of the future!

    Go West

    Day dreams in Colorado: Sekigahara in the snow

    Day dreams in Colorado: The Blue Lake (frozen)

    How to launch a Revolution: Taking Courage and Determinatio

    Breathing the sublime Garden of Gods

    It"s a lot of people...

    We"ve been there: Colorado Rocky Mountain Park

    Judo, Jiujitsu and Niten: together in the same boat

    It"s a magic thing: the tip is gone!

    Boulder (Denver): the important thing is not to stop

    "Orientals, look at the flag: Uruguay at the Pan

    Niten: Argentines, Uruguayans and Americans united in one feeling

    Magic moment: The meeting between warriors

    The blessed Sword of the Garden of Gods

    We dream big!


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