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    Pan-Americano USA 1 - Light and Happy

    "Our first days in Miami in preparation for the Pan American Encounter was beyond my expectations. The Brazilian, Argentinian and American teams commingled very well and supported one another during the whole time.

    After the preparations came the training. Heavy training followed by shiais in which even the newcomers and beginners had a chance to fight and feel the adrenaline pumping was an unforgettable experience to watch Sensei practicing in Miami.
    I think that we are going in the right direction and that Niten has a bright future in the US.
    Our bodies may be tired but our souls are light and happy...." Barreto - São Paulo

    Historic morning in Miami: we arrived.

    The house full in Suburi at full steam!

    Painting Manet in Colorado


    Samurais in Denver

    Denver Banzai!

    Samurais in the far west


    The Art Samurai arrives in Miami!

    Happy End!


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