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Coffee with Sensei

Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    "It"s a celebration that reflects Sensei"s perseverance, going to Japan to seek the Kobudo and dedicating his life to learn and teach the Way; the perseverance of Joel Senpai, who accepted 20 years ago the challenge of believing and training with Sensei, and the perseverance of Alessandro Senpai who accepted the challenge of assuming the Porto Alegre unit when Joel Senpai went to Argentina." - Jonatha (Porto Alegre Unit)


    "Another remarkable fact was the interaction with all the colleagues from other units in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. This diversity of people made me feel encouraged to go more often Niten´s events in São Paulo to regain these colleagues and get to know them (fight with them as well)." - Mara (Porto Alegre Unit)

    "Arigatou Gozaimashita to Alessandro Senpai for leading Porto Alegre and not give up, arigatou gozaimashita to Joel Senpai for travelling hours and hours to bring the Niten to the south and taking the Niten to the world, and arigatou gozaimashita to Sensei, for having a dream and go after it, make it a reality and encourage others to share the same path, with strides forward. " - Daniela Cavalheiro (Porto Alegre Unit)

    "In Shin Hagakure Sensei teaches us that we must climb the mountain. Now I realized that we shouldn"t wait until we are more experienced or confident for this - the sooner we go up, the better." - Rocha (Porto Alegre Unit)

    "From the selection of the aerial cable cars in Canela Park, where we could enjoy a magnificent, calm and harmonious natural landscape, to the walkthrough Gramajo´s downtown, where we contemplate a traditional parade and enjoy a particular and charming urban landscape in its own way." - Daiana (Unidade Buenos Aires)

    "The theme of the Golden Moments was: Courage!" - Noemi (Caxias do Sul Unit)

    "When we talk about Sensei, we have imagined someone who was angry and closed to others, but when we´ve met Sensei Jorge Kishikawa we could see that he is cheerful, but serious when he has to be. What I like the most in this gashuku for the 20 years of Instituto Niten in Porto Alegre was the shiai at the end of the training, with cheering crowd. " - Emannuel (Caxias do Sul Unit)

    "20 years is a long time, but it goes fast!". This was Sensei"s recurring phrase for the Event. But I confess that when I heard stories back and forth "- from the beginning of Joel Senpai, his first training at POA (Porto Alegre), pioneering in other countries in the South, and expansion to cities of Caxias, Novo Hamburgo and Gravataí, I felt that 20 years were more close to 40. Many things happened on this Path that only those who live intensely by the sword, and by others, could accomplish in such "short" time. - Shindi Sakaguti (Curitiba Unit)

    "Diamond Moments that I received on Sunday dinner (properly noted on a napkin because it was what I had available at that moment): May we all train to be happy and live intensely!" - Sources (Porto Alegre Unit)

    "Participating in the Gashuku of the 20 years of the NITEN Porto Alegre Unit was the proof of being walking the Way in the right direction!" - Machado (New Hamburg Unit)

    “Training with sincerity, the path of happiness!" - Vera Piccoli (Caxias do Sul Unit)


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