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Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    PORTO ALEGRE 20 YEARS 1 - Niten has no other way

    "In this Niten event, I participated much more as an organizer than I ever had a chance to be. The responsibility was great, every fault and doubt was a such a huge gap to me, I was very anxious and nervous on the first day: Senki, my spirit was at war, agitated, attentive, attending to everything I could, seeking to make up for every mistake and trying to do the best for the event."

    "In the morning I accomplished my favorite mission: to take care of the training of the KIR Junior - and it was great to see the determination of the little ones fighting, they began afraid and soon they were releasing all the kiai at each exercise!" Each one fighting with Takemitsu, I was so proud of ours KJ attacking and going ahead with kiai, every Hajime they were increasing the energy and joy of being there."

    "After talking to the parents and returning to focus on the event, I forgot to practice. It was necessary for Tais Senpai telling me to stop everything and start doing katas from Iaijutsu. A few repetitions with the best that I could do, and aware of Sensei"s corrections, that was my Kishikawa Ryu Iaijutsu training. I allowed myself to train more the Suio Ryu. I used every opportunity in any of the squares when some colleague got tired I applied myself to the greatest to repeat my katas by observing and listening to the corrections from the Senpais. Among intense and vigorous training and guidance for the youngest who needed help to organize the event, I was able to make my iaito worth for this day, I am very happy every time I can use it."

    "At the time of the Shiais, I spent all my time checking my colleagues" bogus and concentrating my spirit on the struggle that was about to come. After I got my Men I remembered Sensei"s words about the peace of mind of those who enter the duel, I prepared myself lightly and breathing normally."

    "When I was entering the circle I was beginning to stir my spirit and then our general, Takemitsu - who always gave tips on how to attack suggesting kamais to our Chimangos fighters - gave the command "go there and finish him, Petersen" and that"s how my spirit was completely inflamed, I went in there being certain about my combat, to show all my dedication in front of the Sensei and my sword colleagues."

    "Kiai, energy, everything that Alessandro Senpai always charges and is already in the blood, written in the spirit. I only returned from the state of fighting to the Niten event after leaving the arena.
    Our party was an opportunity to talk for a few minutes with Sensei again, I felt very happy to be worthy of listening to Sensei. To honor Joel Senpai and once again thank Alessandro Senpai"s dedication, effort, and persistence in offering us such a strong and good dojo. Alessandro Senpai is majime. I always want to demonstrate the value of our Senpai and it is very good to be able, in an event like this, to thank and ask to continue putting us on the track and I realize that this is the kind of feeling that Alessandro Senpai has for Joel Senpai and I believe that today I can understand what is it. Talk with colleagues who came to join the event and share this moment of gratitude for Sensei"s faith in sharing with us his dream and the journey of Joel Senpai to offer us the opportunity of the Path."

    "The trip to Canela and Gramado was a revisit of the landscapes of my childhood with my parents, all of these through a samurai vision visiting the place with his parents and brothers of the Path. Memories of this kind of trip were already golden and today are Diamonds.
    Getting close to our beloved colleagues, coming from afar, to present the sights and beauties of our lands and sharing everything with such special people who share convictions and ideals, is a true family, a very good feeling. From start to finish of the day every conversation with colleagues was a delight."

    "Listening to Sensei was intense and exciting for me. I didn"t expect to be called by Sensei to sit at his table and listen to the directions and teachings directly from the source. It was the perfect ending to the journey."

    "The Caxias dinner at the children"s table gave me more lightness and joy to end the day knowing that even the younger ones know very well what we are looking for in Niten."

    "I have no doubt that it is essential and my children, when I have them, will be in the path from the day they are born and trained in Niten from the day they can begin." Onegaishimassu, we need another 20 years for the good of the next generations!"

    "It has been a long time since I have been certain that Niten is essential for me and I want to follow this Path. This event showed that my feeling is about love, dedication and willingness to offer everything from myself to continue strengthening the Institute and myself on this Path."

    "We can"t stop, we can"t diminish, for all that Sensei and the Senpais offer us, there is only one way to follow with all kiai ahead. After knowing life with Niten there is no other way for those who love what is right and good."

    "For all the other things in life you find a way, jobs are changed, friends, life is changed as routine ... But Niten has no other way: it"s only in Niten!"


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