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Coffee with Sensei

Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    Kaiseki Ryori in Rio 2

    "Sensei´s presence motivated me a lot in training, I´d never have trained ou done something with so much commitment and focus. The energy inside the Dojo was explosive!" Paes - Tijuca
    When I go, I set "fire" indeed!

    "Arigato gozaimassu Sensei! It is comforting and inspiring to see the care and attention that Sensei give to us." I felt embraced and more than ever like a member of this family called Niten.
    Arigato gozaimassu Sensei and until the next meeting." Colonessi - Tijuca
    Care and attention won´t be missed for the Kaiseki Ryori"s future chefs (CS - Oct, 05th. Kenjutsu: Kaiseki Ryori)

    "Ohayou Gozaimasu

    For the younger ones like me, we receive information from all sides of what GASHUKU represents.
    I confess that even being an adult, I went there feeling apprehensive, worried about doing right for the first time because that was the rule in the corporate world that I lived. However, as soon as I got into the dojo, all these worries fell apart. I experienced the understanding and willingness to help everyone, especially the older ones, some of them also new to NITEN, but older than me.

    I lived intensely every moment of the day, observing the stance and the spirit of war of the colleagues in the Kenjutsu and instructions all the time. We were all there to learn new techniques and improve those already received. Was it tiring? - Yes, but in the end, I ended up feeling like a winner, even without fighting or presenting the almost nothing that I know in a different way or could deserve some highlight.

    We practiced the Katas, I observed the posture of the other Senpais, like Wenzel Coordinator, learning, always learning. But undoubtedly the most exciting moment for me was when I filled my chest with courage and at lunch, I went directly to SENSEI, did the greeting as they taught me and asked if I could approach. I said that I was honored to be there with him, receiving new instructions and corrections given by SENSEI himself, and asked him to autograph the SHINHAGAKURE2 that I was reading. Now, look at this! He came up in my direction and not only autographed my book but also we exchanged two or three words. Senpais, that person has the power to strike you like a lightning, no matter what your belief or religious option, talking with Sensei was like recharging all batteries at the same time and at 220V. I told him that even during the short period away from my wife, she encouraged me all the time saying..."You need to go back, when you return from the training you become different - radiant..." - proving the Good that training can offer, the moments of concentration, the joint activity and the Golden Moments. This is not a championship where people seek plates or medals, but they seek evolution, spiritual growth, but physical as well.

    Another wonderful experience was to see him, the SENSEI, going around actively yet serene, among the ranks without the meaning of people helping and guiding everyone in the exercises we practiced, with tranquility and patience.
    Thanks for allowing me to be inside of all of this and to let us drink from this source.
    Sayounara" Ramalho – Niterói
    Shin Hagakure: o livro que todo bom chef precisa ter para preparar o sofisticado Kenjutsu combate


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