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    Musashi in Brazil!

    On my last trip to Japan, I´ve met Musashi Sensei once again.
    This time, the hurricane Lan almost prevented the reunion, but everything worked out, and I was able to visit the Kumamoto Castle, which was partially destroyed by the earthquake in the last year, and wasn"t fully restored yet.
    Musashi Sensei was very healthy, and I could realise about that in the Kaiseki Ryori tasting in the private lounge.
    Among several issues, such as the beginning of the Niten Ichi Ryu in the United States and the 1st Pan Americano Meeting, I invited him to come (to Brazil) next year, for the most representative event of all times, in terms of the Samurai combat : The 1st Kenjutsu´s World Tournament, in October 2018.
    Musashi Sensei showed a lot of interest, but due to his advanced age (434 years), ended up declining the invitation with these exciting words:
    "The Katas and the Combat, although distinct from one another, they can"t be separated, and Kenjutsu Combat makes this fusion between them. Keep perpetuating our Samurai legacy!"
    And so, before finishing up our meal, he took a sip of sake, and looked deep into my eyes and said:
    "I will send my successor, Yoshimoti Kiyoshi Soke, to represent me in this hugely significant event.
    Hope that my students present to the world the best Samurai fighting ever!"


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