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Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    Diamond Moments at Nippon – Part 1

    While I was listening (and taking notes!) on that Diamond Moments I recognized that several times I was caught fitting on those profiles of “people that don’t reach progression” in the Way. I cannot say that was negative, because from that moment I could realize the issues I can – and shall – change in my life.

    The point that really amazed me in this Gashuku (intensive practice) was the moment that I noticed how dedicated Sensei is with his disciples and students: no matter if he is teaching you the correct steps of a Iaijutsu Kata, or a correct position (kamae) during a Kenjutsu combat – it is, however, mainly showing us how the hidden details really matters and will really make the difference that you feel Sensei’s dedication.

    Today I notice that after hiking up the Mountain to live side by side with the Master that this is the path I will follow on the Way of the Sword in order to become a better person and citizen.
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