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Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    Yamato Day 1

    "For sure, my ancestors went through many difficult situations in order to to create conditions that would benefit my generation, and it wouldn’t be fair to waste this favorable time or forget the past. Niten, in my opinion, has this role to show us the direction so we don’t lose our time, and in such event we have the opportunity to recover the memory of our people."
    Suzuki (Ribeirão Preto)

    "At the beginning of Jojutsu training, there´s tsune-no-kamae- the fortress of the everyday life: strengthen the day-to-day spirit"
    Holschuh (Campinas)

    "I felt that Yamato Day was very important, for telling a real situation and that, within the family of Japanese descendants, probably many of them has gone through several situations presented in the film." Nakano (Sorocaba)

    "That’s what we´re searching for, inside the dojo and in life. To understand the Tansei in every action and refine the thought and spirit to live fully, with happiness, with real friendship."
    Ivan (Juiz de Fora)

    "I feel great to be a part of the Instituto Niten, fundamental space of society where the history and lessons learned never get lost."
    Neubauer (Vila Mariana)

    "As Sensei said in Brasilia: Strategist doesn’tt choose a weapon. This Gashuku was the opportunity to study less usual weapons and the katas, for us to give one more step on the Path that we chose to tread."
    Erik (Brasília)

    "Yamato Day was a true call to awareness. And the overwhelming need to seek the truth, even beyond our own convictions, as said Friedrich Nietzsche said, "convictions are more dangerous enemies to truth than lies”.
    Barreto (Ana Rosa)

    "I was seized by a dubious feeling of sadness, by the silent suffering of past generations who had to abandon their identity to survive, and at the same time I felt joy, knowing that in the Niten we redeemed this feeling under a new light, to nourish and strengthen the new generations."
    Shindi (Curitiba)

    "At the beginning of the day, Sensei told us about wasting life, and thanks to Niten, there’s a Golden Moment that marked me, The TADATI NI, I always try to rectify my spirit for now, because the winds always change."
    Brígido (Rio de Janeiro)

    "My jichan (grandfather) gave the pillow to the dog and kept himself sleeping in the rice sack. Good memories!
    Domo arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for helping us to understand a little bit better our ancestors."
    Kiryu (Campinas)

    Japanese surrender Flag in the Philippines

    "Having the opportunity to live all this and still receive the "gift" from Sensei (the flag) is priceless."
    Patrick (Brasilia)


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