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Coffee with Sensei

Thoughts and comments by Sensei Jorge Kishkawa

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    "To be honest I thought that I would suffer at the beginning of this week since I was very tired and had some muscle pain, but I was surprised and happy to wake up monday full of energy, disposition and yearning for the next class."- Luciana (Unidade Vila Mariana)

    "To spend the weekend living alongside colleagues from distant regions, Senpais and Sensei is always full of good emotions and memories and fills you with the energy to continue firmly in the Path and to continue practicing hard until the next event. Every time I leave São Paulo I feel sad for going far away from Sensei but also very happy for the opportunity to spend these few days with my Master." - Petersen (Unidade Porto Alegre)

    "They say that when in danger our primal reaction is to flee.
    During this Gashuku, ome of the moments that stuck with my was during the kakarigueiko with Sensei. When receiving Sensei's attacks with the two swords the image of a Tiger's fatal blow appeared in my mind, with a feroucious energy and quickly cutting my jugular with his claws. I felt like I would not even managed to react to an attack like that, much less survive."
    - Kate (Dojo Sorocaba - SP - Brazil)

    "Because we are all aiming for our improvement and we have a lot to achieve in our paths, I believe that one of the greatest learnings I have had is to aim for balance between demand and expectation of what is the correct way to do things. To discover how to stretch the string of a guitar so that it produces the most beautiful musics, within its own structure and improvement level.
    And also in a legitimate way, recognizing that at that given moment and path we can share something that will allow us to grow more than we would've if we were alone."
    - Romeiro (Unidade Brasilia)


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