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    Sensei in Brasília (Capital City of Brazil) - Strategist

    20 years ago, when I was in Japan, a relative of mine asked me why did I buy so many books and practice like crazy.
    I said to him that my objective was to be unbeatable and for that reason, I had to know about everything.
    Today, when I look into my past, and with more knowledge of the Path, I regret carrying so may useless baggage. After all, books are heavy and practices take time.
    In short, I wasted my time and money with books and videos of inefficient katas, inconsistent techniques and pseudo-masters´ gabble.
    To read lots of useless books and practice inefficient katas is to insist in being a fool, and never achieve invincibility.

    A true strategist do not have a weapon of choice.

    A strategist knows when and where is tha point.

    A strategist recognizes an inefficient kata.

    Strategy begins in early life.

    Strategy is what everyone is looking for!


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