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    In search of Musashi

    "To understand my excitement over Sensei's visit to the United States, some background is needed. My training in the way of the sword began during a study-abroad to Osaka, Japan, but even before that, I was interested in the two-sword techniques of Miyamoto Musashi. So, years later, when I discovered a branch of the Niten Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I strove to become a diligent student of Kenjutsu Combat. 
    Over my year of training at the Abasto and Recoleta schools, my colleagues would often describe their experiences training with Sensei in Brazil. So when Sensei came to visit Buenos Aires for a gashuku (a special intense training session), I leapt at the opportunity to attend. The gashuku was everything I had hoped: informative, fun, and energizing, but its ending was bittersweet. I was planning my move back to the U.S. shortly after the gashuku and wondered if I would ever have the chance to train with Sensei again.

    With this in mind, it is easy to understand my excitement to hear that Sensei was planning to hold a gashuku in Miami, the first of its kind in the U.S. This was the beginning for Niten in a new country, my country, and a chance to introduce others to a culture and mentality that I respect so much. I cannot thank Sensei enough for the opportunity to assist him in this effort and look forward to helping grow the Niten Institute in America. " 
    Thomas Spanos 

    Takeshi Kamimura, Sensei and Thomas Spanos


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