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por Niten - US/ - 08-Feb-2017

Unforgettable Kenjutsu Combat Workshop.
Arigatou Gozaimashita America from Niten!

First Niten Institute Kenjutsu Combat Workshop held in the USA.
6th February 2017, North Miami
Thank you very much to all participants!

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Takeshi Kamimura - São PauloFoi realmente um momento que vai ficar na história ! Arigatou Gozaimashita Sensei/Sempai Wenzel and Sempai Kenzo ! (Continues)

A message from the Japanese Masters - Niten Institute

por Coffe with Sensei - US/ - 26-Jan-2017


por Niten - US/ - 26-Jan-2017


por Niten - US/ - 26-Jan-2017

First time in the USA:
The art of the samurai sword like you have never seen before! A workshop with the greatest master of this martial art: Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, who will demonstrate live some of the various techniques and strategies of the samurai. Make sure to come by and try it out! It will be a lifetime opportunity!

Date: February 6th, 2017 in Miami Florida.
Hour: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Cagni Gymnasium - 791 NE 135th Street - North Miami, FL
Registration: Please confirm your assitance by email: [email protected]
No-charge ou complimentary

Kenjutsu is the name given to the techniques developed by notorious samurai and that are practiced in Japan in the form of katas (pre-defined movements that simulate combat using a wooden sword).

Kendo is the sport created by simplifying Kenjutsu techniques into 4 basic strokes and one kamae (posture/stance), using a modern Bogu (armor) and Shinai (bamboo sword).

Kenjutsu Combat, created by Sensei Jorge Kishikawa, is the application of ancient Kenjutsu techniques in combat with modern Bogu and Shinai, making it possible to do a sparring training but not limited to Kendo strikes. There are other weapons such as Kodachi (similar to shinai, but smaller), two swords and Naginata (halberd pole).

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa:
- Born in Brazil, son of Japanese immigrants, Sensei Jorge Kishikawa started training Kendo at the age of 5;
- First Brazilian to achive the 7th Dan Kiyoshi in Kendo by a board of Japanese Sensei;
- Won 15 Brazilian Kendo Championships until the age of 35, when he ceased to take part in tournaments, and was twice 2nd place in World Kendo Championships, the best place ever achieved by a Brazilian;
- In his career made more than 70 shugyo (special intensive training) in Japan to learn more about Kendo and Kenjutsu from the best Japanese masters, and continues to do so;
- Menkyo Kaiden (highest graduation and considered to know all the secrets of the techniques) in more than one Kenjutsu School, including Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, one of the most famous and old Kenjutsu Schools founded by Miyamoto Musashi, considered by many the best Samurai of all time;
- Other Kenjutsu Schools that Sensei Jorge Kishikawa has mastered and is authorized to teach include:
* Katori Shinto Ryu
* Suio Ryu
* Shindo Muso Ryu
* Kasumi Shinto Ryu
* Sekiguchi Ryu
- Some of these Schools not only have sword techniques but also other weapons that Sensei Jorge Kishikawa has also mastered, some of which he has also adapted to combat with Bogu, such as:
* Kodachi (Small sword)
* Nito (Two Swords together)
* Naguinata jutsu (halberd pole)
* Yari (Spear)
* Kusari-gama jutsu(a scythe or sickle with a chain attached and a iron weight at other end)
* Jo jutsu (fighting techniques with a Staff)
* Bo jutsu (fighting techniques with Long Rod)
* Tanjo jutsu (fighting techniques with a Cane)
* Jitte jutsu (a fork used to disarm enemies with swords)
* Iai jutsu (sword drawing techniques)
* Tameshigiri/Battou jutsu (cutting techniques)
- Jorge Kishikawa Sensei is also a Medical Physician and served in the Brazilian Army as a Doctor.


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More Convincing Less Speculation

por Niten - US/ - 24-Jan-2017

- It was a tie! - yells the first one.

- No, you lost - says the second one.

- No way! If you doubt me, then let's duel again, but now with the Katana (sharpen steel samurai sword). I challenge you again! - the first one draws his sword furiously.

This scenario is depicted in the movie "The Seven Samurai", from Akira Kurosawa, and it shows a duel between two Samurai. It takes place around the year 1700 and the end of the scene is the hot-headed Samurai (the first one) falling, in slow motion, after being cut flawlessly, 6 inches through his left shoulder, hit by the technique called Toraburi*.


剣術対戦 - Kenjutsu Combat

"By applying the old schools techniques in Kenjutsu Combat takes us closer to the understanding of the Go Rin no Sho (The Book of Five Rings - from Miyamoto Musashi), the Sun Tzu's Art of War and other old strategy books.

To relive these techniques you need to take them from the kata to the combat reality.
That way you will feel what are the secrets behind the Fire Kamae, the Sky Kamae, the Earth Kamae.
You will realize that against the Moon, there must be the Sun. Or that the Tree is as strong as the Metal.

In the end, to practice the Kenjutsu Combat is to dive deep in the old texts and give life to it all."
"Give life to the past", page 138 of the Shin Hagakure (In Portuguese)

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Kenjutsu in Slow Motion - The Magic of the Samurai Sword

por Niten - US/ - 22-Jan-2017

Niten Ichi Ryu - Exhaustion

por Niten - US/ - 22-Jan-2017

Musashi Sensei (Miyamoto Musashi), wrote in his book "Go Rin no Sho" (Book of Five Rings), that you should avoid holding the sword with two hands.
One hand must be empty, free.
As well as they have to hold, each one, a sword. (when fighting with two swords at once)

This is Niten. This is Kenjutsu Combat.
When we practice to exhaustion, we can glimpse the beginning of the path to invincibility.


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Bullet train Kenjutsu

por Niten - US/ - 19-Jan-2017

Have you ever seen live or a video of a Bullet Train (Shinkansen) in Japan?

Sensei e Sanches no Japão

When you see it, too late, its gone.

Just like a bullet.

Just like in Kenjutsu Combat.

Monet´s Bridge

por Niten - US/ - 16-Jan-2017

"The Japanese Bridge over the Water Lilies Pond in Giverny" is a painting by Monet that, at the time of its completion, it was highly criticized.
They said that the old artist was suffering from a disease that compromised his eyesight, and therefore they did not considered the meaning of his choice by not drawing "more realistically" to the real image.
At the beginning, even a great artist is misunderstood. It part of the learning process and maturation of the artistic eye.
In time, the more observent ones realized his intentions, and managed to see that this work of art, not so much as a simple image, has a special connection with something greater: the Truth.


por Niten - US/ - 13-Jan-2017

Imagine yourself fighting the Samurai at your left:
Now, considering this situation, decide where would you choose to attack.

And tell me if you won or if you were defeated:

This is Kenjutsu Combat!

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