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Safe harbour

por Niten - UK/London - 16-Apr-2020

"Konnichiwa Sensei, shitsurei shimasu,

I am writing to thank you Sensei for all the efforts made in these difficult times! The remote training session that we had today was awesome! Of course I rather a dojo session then a remote one, a face-to-face session is special and only those who practice can understand what this means, but the worst thing ever is to be without a training! I know this feeling after have lived for two years in cities with no Niten nearby. I don`t want to stay away from the training again, I don`t want to not listening to the golden moments anymore.

And today this remote training was special!
In these difficult times that we are going through we were able to have a training session and have contact with everyone from dojo. And even limited by messages it was possible to see that everyone is well and protecting themselves. It was truly fantastic! My wife (who does not practice) told me that today I am different, she said I`m with better energy after the training session and this is also reflecting on the children mood!

Sensei, I`m attaching a short video that my wife recorded of me during the first video class, when we were doing 100 men kodachi strikes. I`m sending this video even with big hair, not shaved in a T-shirt and sweatshirt to share how good it was for me! The training also gave me the energy to take care of myself a little bit more! Beard, hair and kimono are going to be sharp in the next session!

Sensei, I have faith that the storm will pass. I don`t know how long it will last, however, we need to resist. And in this storm for sure that the Niten is a safe harbour! I feel like we are a family and that even though we are distant we support and help each other!

Domo arigato gozaimashita Senpai Alessandro and Senpai Thais, for bring the Niten to Londres!
Domo arigatou gozaimashita Sensei, for the Niten, for sharing the bushido us!



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