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Gashuku with Senpai Kenzo

por Kenzo - US/Denver - 16-Jul-2018

Mission Acomplished!

That is my sentiment after this second Gashuku that I have ministrated in the Boulder Colorado Dojo.
One year ago I was leaving Brazil to go on a Mission to improve myself and to help others. That misson took me to Miami, Orlando, Denver, Los Angeles and Japan. Now, with a lot of experiences to share, I came back to a new Boulder Dojo, with some new students, some students that kept practicing since the last time I was here and the always genki* Coordinator Thomas, but everyone a little different than before.

It is very interesting to see how much 1 year of practicing Kenjutsu in Niten changes a person. Less nervous, more energetic, but with the same thirst for knowledge. And the Niten energy and spirit is more present in the students eyes, actions and words. I was really very impressed with the Boulder students, they are really part of the Niten Family. I felt myself at home!
After the last practice together, we talked about Sensei"s words: Shinki
In Japan I saw Shinki in most of the Japanese people I interacted with. It actually reminded me of Niten and Sensei, everyone so intensely dedicated do the practice and to help in any way they can.

I could see that in this Gashuku as well, everyone practicing with their heart and soul!
I learned a lot in this one year away from Brazil and got to do everything I set out to do. And to see the Boulder Dojo doing so well, I can only say to Sensei, Senpai Wenzel, Thomas and myself: Mission Acomplished!

But the Path is endless, and there are more missions to come. Soon I will be in Mexico, my first time there, and then, back to Brazil.May the next Missions and challenges come! We in the Niten Institute are ready!


*genki: japanese word that means full of energy, in good mood, happy, ready for everything.

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