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Training with Senpai Wenzel - Remain True and Humble

por Takeshi - US/Miami - 23-Mar-2018

I am very grateful to Senpai Wenzel for taking the time to visit us and although short I feel we have learned so much with his visit. It is always a joy to welcome any of our Senpais and I continue to be amazed at their knowledge and wisdom. Senpai Wenzel´s visit had a very interesting energy, he was very relaxed and brought this energy into our practive. Senpai Wenzel showed us how there was no need to be tense all the time, he wielded his shinai with no effort. I was amazed at how the shinai felt more like an extension of Senpai Wenzel rather than an external tool.

After practice we had a birudo and Senpai Wenzel shared with us many teachings. He particularly focused on one regarding us as a whole and that was for us to always be appreciative of each other. To be grateful and appreciative of my kohais who come to practice so that I may practice and grow. I am grateful for Senpai Wenzel´s words because they remind me to remain true and humble.

I look forward to Senpai Wenzel´s next visit.

Arigatou Gozaimasu
Vanessa Velasquez

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