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KIR Method

The Sword that gives life. In abundance

We all have great potential. We are capable of amazing achievements, and our limit often goes beyond what we believed at first.

The 6 Pillars of the Kir Method

Sensei Jorge Kishikawa and his knowledge accumulated in more than 40 years of training of the different styles, his austere education, the conviviality with the last samurai masters in Japan, his training and experience as doctor of the sport, the experience of 10 years in the military milieu And the fact that they are Brazilian make up the six pillars of the KIR method, and together they make classes immensely richer, a deep journey in search of the essence of the sword and samurai philosophy.
The goal of KIR method is to maximize the individual's competencies

In training, the KIR Method is the tool that can channel the teachings and the energy of the trainings in our day-to-day life. In the struggle, the energy is externalized through the cries (kiai) and the claw to advance, even when we feel tired or face to face with skilled opponents. Victory over adverse situations shapes character and increases the willpower of practitioners. Through the training with the sword we have crossed borders and we have reached farther and farther. We awaken the hidden potential, enabling us to live more fully.

The KIR Method is present at all times: during training while polishing our skill with the sword; During the Golden Moments, when the Sensei and the Senpals gather the pupils around themselves to pass the teachings of the Japanese philosophy and culture; And even in times of fellowship. Living with Sensei and the Senpas (veteran colleagues) is the key to getting to know Bushido, the code of ethics and conduct of the Samurais, and understanding its application today.

To train is to seek the improvement, to lapidize your technique and your spirit. This quest for perfection goes beyond the sword. Reaches all aspects of practitioners' lives. This is to be a modern samurai: Practice the sword, cultivate the values ​​of Bushido and apply both in your daily life.

Benefits of the KIR Method

-Equilibrium between reason and emotion
-Most of posture in the face of adverse situations
-Reduction of stress
-Elegance, health maintenance
-Application of strategy in business
-High rates of approval in entrance exams and other tests and tests that our students undergo


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