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    63rd Paulista Award - Senpai Cristina

    Nowadays it is rare for anyone to continue an activity for more than 2 years.
    Here we have an example of perseverance, resilience
    Cristina continued Samurai´s path, being wife and mother for 20 years
    I imagine that all this trajectory was not easy.

    With perseverance she goes to the dojos bringing the samurai tradition to many students, with his sympathy and joy teaches about tradition, Kenjutsu and what is essential for many years in the many dojos she coordinated, also takes Hannah, her youngest daughter, and accompanies your husband Wenzel.
    This is the way for the family to be happy.
    When the family finds out what is essential it will be a happy family.
    Omedetou Cristina


    In a simple but meaningful ceremony for the Nikkei community, the São Paulo City Council received, on the 9th August, the Award Ceremony of the 63rd Paulista Sports Award. The event aims to honour athletes and leaders who contributed and continue to contribute to the development of sport in the country.

    This year the award in the KOBUDÔ category honoured Senpai Cristina, Niten Coordinator in Rio de Janeiro.

    Article published yesterday Jul 15 in Nippak Journal
    Click to enlarge

    Translation of Senpai Cristina´s words: "What I think is wonderful is that I am a female practitioner in a super masculine environment. I was very honoured to be representing women, who are still few in our area and I hope open doors for other practitioners."
    "I´ve always enjoyed sports and always wanted to practice a martial art, so when I found the Niten Institute and started doing Kenjutsu I fell in love."

    Deputy Consul General of Japan Mr. Akira Kusunoki and Sensei Jorge Kishikawa.

    Sensei Jorge Kishikawa with Mr.Hasegawa, Kendo Honore.
    Sensei was the advisor of the honoree.

    After the ceremonial, the traditional Erdinger with the Sensei.


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