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    Journey to the dojo

    "I arrived at the Niten Institute through the site, which is very detailed and contributed a lot to the interaction with Niten`s team. Also, I register the excellent service made by phone. For months I flirted with the Institute, following the YouTube page and other social networks. As I live in Porto Velho, Rondônia, I signed up as a pioneer student and was able to enjoy a holiday to be in training in São Paulo.

    The experience was wonderful, the reception of the team and the opportunity to be with Jorge Sensei further enriched the experience. The training was exciting from start to finish. I left the Dojo with a deep lament: the lack of a place to train in my city. I hope I can contribute to this process and welcome other instructors to facilitate the process here in the north of Brazil."

    Vinicius Valentin Raduan Miguel, professor at the Federal University of Rondônia.


    At this moment that I go to Japan for one of my quests toward the truth on the Japanese Sword Path, I read this story and I realize how exciting it is for you from all over Brazil to find on Niten what you were always looking for!
    The Path is long, many surprises, many news, many achievements, discoveries. 

    This is what you should aim not to be merely in sports, not merely seeking medals, seeking a diploma...
    You have to seek the truth.
    Like him, from Rondônia to here.
    It is a pleasure to teach all those in Brazil, America and Europe who want to find the truth in the Samurai Sword.




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